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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Miss Ginger's New Addiction...

OMG!  She has been having so much fun, and has been bawling like a big ole baby as she fills in the blanks and puts her family tree out there for the world!!

Yasee, the summer before Momma G died, her brother spent a week with her, and Baby G took a week of vacation to visit with them.  While we were home doing not much of anything, I said to them "Hey- while the 3 of us are together- let's go through all those boxes and albums of old photos and help me label what we can! And we can write down dates and names so someday when no one else remembers, I'll have all the info!"  Well, no one knew Momma G would die that November, least of all her, but all agreed it was a great idea.  So, five days, three sharpies, a pad of post it notes later, Miss G had a reasonably well organized and indexed shoebox of photos, notes, and memorabilia.  The couple of times she has tried to do something with it, she has become overwhelmed, and unable to find the right format to get it all together.

Enter  Honestly, when Miss G signed up, she really intended to click a few links, decide it was a waste, and cancel the "14 day free membership".  Boy, was she wrong!  She has been able to find all kinds of dates that were missing, and has been able to enter a lot of correct information to replace public records or other entries that have been mislabled, mispelled, or misdated over the centuries!  So far, she has made it back 4 generations, to her great, great grandparents!  And there are still "leaves" to click on! Her family tree is preserved for posterity!!

At the risk of sounding sappy, it really is as easy as the TV commercial says!  When a little leaf wiggles, you click on it, and it brings up records you didn't even know existed!!

And, the really exciting part is that Miss Ginger has photos to go with most of the records!!  It may take her a few months to get them all uploaded into the right spots, but she's gonna do it!  Finally, she has found a way to put all this together to preserve for her brother's kids.  Hopefully, they will find it interesting!

Miss G is not sure why she is finding this SO emotionally overwhelming!  She keeps getting all teary and choked up!  Please excuse where while she goes to pull herself together!! meanwhile, check it out!!

1 comment:

mrs. miss alaineus said...

(((miss g)))

i had to try to sort my grandma's pictures out for the children of her sisters after she passed- it is a very difficult task indeed. i think it's so cool you all worked together on it, and that you have taken the time to create this living legacy!



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