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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sometimes, Living in Texas Makes Miss Ginger Feel.....

.... you know.... not so fresh!

I guess that's the price she pays for living in a state where the morons she lives with elected this douchebag governess!!

Here's Rick Perry's latest dog and pony show:  In a feeble attempt at grandstanding to detract attention from his HORRIBLE budget deficit, Perry has once again adopted the GOP's default smoke screen- abortion.

He has actually rushed through a bill in an emergency session that would REQUIRE doctors to perform a sonogram on any woman requesting an abortion, describe the fetus to the woman, and play the fetal heartbeat for her to hear. Based on this ridiculous legislation, the patient would not be allowed to opt out.  She would be forced to endure a procedure she does not want!

But here's the ridiculous part!  This procedure would be forced upon a woman regardless of her reasons for terminating the pregnancy.  So, for the thousands of women on government assistance who may explore termination as an alternative to bringing a child into the world that she can't afford to raise, we are going to make it even more expensive by forcing an expensive medical procedure on her!  If she can't pay?  We'll make the state pay for it!  But wait- the state is FLAT BROKE!! As a matter of fact, $21 MILLION dollars in debt!!!

Maybe humanitarian Rick will just put all those sonograms on his gold Amex!!  

Meanwhile, these idiots in Texas are so naive to his stupidity that they won't notice he is driving the budget into the ground!!


Anonymous said...

I do not understand how people could vote him in again. Between George Jr and Perry this state is falling apart. He will probally run for president anyway, no matter what he saying in his speeches.

Beth said...

He makes my skin crawl. Secession? Really, Governor? REALLY?!


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