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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Miss Ginger is Embarrassed...

to admit how amused she is by this video!  Not that she thinks sexual assault is funny- that's SO not the point!  Nor is it the fact that crime runs rampant in areas with concentrations of relief housing- it seems as though our cities would protect that property the most vigilantly, since they own it!

She is just amused by the passion of the victim's brother- he is ready to THROW DOWN!!  Sister seems to be relatively nonplussed by the whole episode, but Brother Boy is MAD and he's NOT going to take it anymore- HOMEBOY!!


David Dust said...

Girl, where have you been? Antoine Dodson has become an internet sensation - moving his family out of the projects, getting endorsement deals, and filming his own reality show in West Hollywood.

He even performed some of this song at the BET Awards last year!!

Honey - you really need to stop working so much and spend some time on the Internet! And NO, I don't mean Facebook, I mean the REAL internet. Then you would already know this extremely important, life-changing information.

Wow ... I need to spend LESS time on the damn internet, don't I?...


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how ethics are disappearing, as we advance in technology. I hope this person enjoy's his 15 minutes and also they try to catch the rapists.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It made me smile as well. He is ready for a smack down.

Beth said...

Honey, that's Antoine! You're just now finding out about Antoine?! Oh, looks like David has filled you in already.

I saw him on some talk show, and he's just a sweetheart. He's using his money to buy his family a house, and really seems to have his act together. He struck me as just a very sweet and charming young man...with some beautiful, long, straight hair. XOXO


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