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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The People Choose Bad Drag!!

Miss Ginger is not a big fan of televised award shows- especially the modern ilk of "made for TV" award shows that some network executive dreamed up after losing the contract for the Oscars! So, Miss G didn't waste her precious time actually watching "the People's Choice" awards, because A: she couldn't possibly give less of a shit who wins and B: she doesn't even know who most of those D-list made-for-TV celebrities are!

That said, she does, of course, always want to see what her faves are wearing, so she pulled up the red carpet looks online this morning to see if she missed anything FABULOUS!

So you know a "red carpet" show is going to have issues when the carpet is BLUE. WTF?! And worse yet, some stupid queen set designers thought that silver lame would be tres chic for the step and repeat background!  Moron!  Every shot has a big "flash moon" over the shoulder!  Never use reflective material for a background- Stage Dessign 101!!

You also know you are going to have issues when Kathy Griffin is the best dressed at the ball!
Chic, and she looks great in that hard-to-wear color! She even has the body for that hard-to-wear fabric!  She just need someone to follow her around with a steamer to keep the wrinkles out!

My idol, Queen Latifah, almost had it right!
The color is stunning on her. The slit is sexy without being vulgar, and shows off a FABULOUS shoe! Jewelry on the arms and ears to complement the bling on the neckline, which was pretty but a bit strange.  Even stranger, Miss G understands that the off-center stripe breaks up the width. Still, this is one of those dresses where the sum of the parts does not equal FABULOUS! Girl, I love your curves, but you got too much tummy to pull of that sausage casing!!

Katy Perry looked like she just came from a San Fernando Valley prom, which is the schtick she wanted, I'm sure:

Khloe Kardashian looks like she swiped a dress out of Kirsty Alley's closet (PS: here's the "blue flash moon1)

That's pretty much all the people there that Miss G could pick out of a lineup with a shotgun!  The rest are pretty much 2-bit TV performers with network sitcoms and bad occupational dramas.  Miss G didn't bother to research their names, but the dresses are noteworthy:

While she loves the message, the execution is deplorable.  It looks like she picked up a dress at "Hot Topic" and airbrushed the logo on the front.  If you're gonna do, BRING IT, gurl!

This one looks like a cocktail waitress at a Vegas casino! Planet Hollywood, probably!

And finally, the previously unemplyed Conan O'Brien seems pleased as punch to have won this crystal clear butt plug.  I'll bet he knows just where to put it when he gets it home!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The NOH8 girl is Abbey off NCIS that also has Mark Harmon on the show. Good show.


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