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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why Today Sucked.....

Miss Ginger is just not her normal, sunshiney self today.  This day SUCKED for a number of reasons!

1.  Miss Ginger got tired of the stupid subwoofer in the family room not working, so she pulled the whole AV cabinet out from the wall to see if there was a loose connection. In the process, she managed to pull something else loose, and now she can't get anything except the main zone to work.  Miss Ginger gets very cranky when she doesn't have her soundtrack following her from room to room!

2.  It's a dreary, cold, gross day outside and the fireplace won't work!  At first it kept shutting itself off, so Miss G thought the sensors needed cleaning.  After she did that, the fucking thing won't light at all! 
3. The garage has gotten infested with fleas... again!  Miss G just got rid of them last week,  and now they are back with a vengeance!  Why fleas want to live on her bare garage floor is beyond me, but there are thousands of them!!  It's better than having them in the house (knock on wood!) but just barely, especially during costuming season when Miss G spends most of her time in the garage!  She can't work in there until she bombs it again!

and, if all of that is not bad enough....

4. She has a fucking oral thrush infection for which she is taking 2 different medications, and isn't supposed to drink!!  Of all the things to get- a fungus in one's mouth!  It sounds way more disgusting than it really is, and Miss G is beginning to think the treatment may be worse than the infection!!  How she got this she will never know, but the dentist said it probably happened when Miss G had the stomach flu a while back, and her "flora and fauna" weren't at normal levels to suppress the fungus, so it took root.  Ick! 

5.  And, because Miss G is not drinking, she is not sleeping well. At all. Which makes her cranky. And bitchy. And very unpleasant to be around!

So, she is going to keep her bitchy ass at home all weekend and try to get some of this costume knocked out.  Thanks for listening... the kitties tuned me out hours ago!


Beth said...

I'm sorry it was such a crummy day. Yuck! I hope tomorrow is a better one.

Thrush is no big deal, and you can knock it out pretty quickly. It's not difficult to have your natural balance thrown "out of whack," and I remember how sick you were with that virus.

Feel better soon! XOXO

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope to having you toast the town again soon. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that things have fallem apart-I will work on the fleas with powder Monday when you are at work. Hang in there. MBC

Dan said...

Yowsa! Happy 2011! Get this shit out of the way in January and the rest of the year will be amazing!!!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

feel better- we need our fearless leader for guidance on all things glamorous and genteel!


MT said...

i too have fleas w/ my cat kika. i was bitten in my inner ear canal...this is one thing i wish kika didn't share with me.

ur blog wuz right next 2 mine on DD's site. cosmic coinkydink?


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