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Thursday, October 23, 2008

At tomorrow night's Gala, Entertainment Tonight has their own tent set up to do celebrity interviews and coverage of the event! Isn't that wild! I'm not sure which reporters they are sending, but you can bet Miss Ginger is gonna march up to that tent and demand to be interviewed! Of course her fans want to see her on the red carpet!!!

But that's tomorrow night night at Lakeside. Before that, we have to "entertain" the Senior Management Committee at the Esplanade store, with no specific agenda. That means the Senior VP in charge of Miss G's areas will be picking through the store, fixture by fixture, wanting to know "where's this? Why didn't you do this? What's up with this?" ARRRRRRH!!!

We call our SVP "Miranda Priestly" because A: she looks just like her and B: she acts just like her!
So Miss G has to get through all that, then get back to the hotel to get "gussied up" for the big event! At least she finally gets to go home Saturday!


Dannelle said...

Enjoy, send pictures, enjoy, write home! Living vicariously through your journal, Dannelle

Beth said...

Ginger, this sounds so hectic but so fun! Can't wait to see some pictures...hope the tension is over soon and the fun can begin!

Hugs, Beth

Indigo said...

After all this I think home will be a welcome site. (Hugs)Indigo


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