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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Mardi Gras Artistry of Sands Stiefer!

Miss Ginger's dear friends Sands and Weldon ("Dad and Mom") were married last week- in the state of California, at least. It will be a long time before bible-beating Texas will be recognizing civil unions!
You may remember that Miss G hosted their anniversary party last year. They are truly 2 of the most special people she knows!
Anyho, you may not know that Sands is an accomplished artist and painter! He has a few different "themes" he sometimes follows in a series, and one of them is Mardi Gras. Last night, for the Krewe of Olympus Fais Do Do party, Sands showed his Mardi Gras collection, and donated a generous 60% of the proceeds to the Krewe! There we paintings of the revelry in New Orleans, and also painted interpretations of many of the costumes we have presented at our ball in the past.
Last year's theme was "Olympus at the Library", and Miss Ginger was assigned to the genre of "sex education". Her costume was "Nurse Goodbody", the school nurse who demonstrates condom usage by rolling one down over a banana.

One of the paintings Sands sold last night was his rendering of Miss G's costume:

Of course, Miss Ginger had to buy it, and she had the staff hang it in the stairway, along with the prop she saved from the ball:

Maybe she'll dig the hat out of the garage and add that to the composition as well!


Beth said...

I love the paintings! I like how he does a sort of abstract take on the pictures. I love your landing display!

You might want to let your readers know that if they want to "snag" the Ginger Snap pic, they should be able to just right click and copy it. If you left click, it comes up as a link, but a right click should allow anyone to save it.

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Putting the had on top of the banana would be the top banana :o)

Yasmin said...

Love abstract paintings, and Miss Nurse Goodbody's educational good on the stairway.


mistress maddie said...

Sounds like a lovely time was had by all. And how nice you will be immortalized in a work of at forever! I loved the condom demo-funny has hell!

Dannelle said...

Love it, love it! Somebody's got a big banana! Love, Dannelle
PS Thanks Beth, I would like to link but at least people will ask if I post the gingersnap!

Indigo said...

Loving what you did with the blog. The painting with the banana is priceless. I think it looks great in the stairway! (hugs)Indigo


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