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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Miss Ginger Discovers a Cure for Hiccups!!!

Miss Ginger has learned as simple, quick, easy way to cure hiccups! She got them this morning, and after a little bit of internet research and some experimentation, she has found a yoga-type routine that worked! Try it the next time you get hiccups and let her know if it works!

1. Stand straight, heels and toes together. Head up, chin up, arms at sides. Relax. Breathe normally. Find your center.
2. Inhale slowly, raising the arms to shoulder level, palms down. Press thumbs to forefingers. Strech fingertips toward opposite walls.Tighten the arms.
3. Continue the inhale. Slowly drop the head back and push the chest forward, tightening the buttocks and locking the knees.
4. Maximize the inhale and hold, pushing the breath against the inside walls of the chest with your postioning. Reach for the walls. Tighten the arms and buttocks. Reach. Stretch. Push. Hold.
5. Release the breath slowly. Head up. Arms float down. Return to mountain pose.
Repeat if needed.

Miss Ginger's hiccups went away with just one set. Beauty of this is: you can do it just about anywhere, with no liquids, salt, sugar, or anything else!


Yasmin said...

Great tip, still sounds like exercise to me..... I just hold my breath that doesn't last long


Beth said...

Nice to have a different cure for them. They can be so irritating!


Dannelle said...

The only cure that I know works 100% is pour a small glass of water, like in a old fashion glass,take a book of matches light them all and put out in the water and immediately chug the water. Never had anyone die yet and no return hiccups. Oh, and usually the sight of a book of matches causes some people to stop hiccuping (after they know the drill). Dannelle

Timmy said...

There is actually a pressure point on your hand that will cure the hiccups.

Make a fist with your left hand and go down about a quarter of an inch on the side where your pinky finger is located.

Massage that spot with a firm amount of pressure. It is something a chiropractor showed me and it works everytime!


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