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Friday, October 3, 2008

Feels God to Be Home!!

It's been a hell of a week in NOLA. Can't put the sign on the building because the contractor's truck is not big enough. Can't find the truck that has the glass shelves for the jewelry cases. Fixtures are missing. Merchandise keeps coming. It's chaos that Miss Ginger can't seem to get her hands around! It feels good to be home with the kitties!
And to make matters worse, apparently a "gaggle" of tranny hookers takes over "our" hotel on weekends!!! One of the guys stayed over the weekend, and they were on his floor, making lots of noise and bringing their "bidness" up into the beds where we sleep during the week! And it's a really nice hotel!!!! But he found out the code. They scratch the paint off the door about an inch above the lock. Apparently, this is the equivalent of hanging a sign out that says "A Tranny Ho is is doing bidness up in here-a!" So now Miss G knows that if she goes to check in and there's a scratch on the door, it's back down to the desk to ask for a different room. And she'll be having a chat with Josh, the GM of the hotel, next Tuesday when she checks in. To find out if he's unaware that he runs a Tranny Whorehouse on weekends, or whether he's really just a hot mess pimp who bought a Marriott franchise because he thought it would be good cover!
Now, don't think Miss Ginger is 2 faced! She clearly doesn't have anything against tranny's. Hello! But Tranny Hookers? Honestly! And at the Marriott! What's up with that?!
Anyho, Miss G heads back to the land of Odds next Tuesday, with more stories of mirth and merriment! Stay tuned!


Beth said...

Oh dear, things are not kosher at that Marriott! If you stay there frequently, I don't blame you for wanting to speak to the manager. Yikes!

Sorry to hear that things aren't going well with the opening. Just ask our pal Indigo about contractors...! I hope things improve next week.

Hugs, Beth

Ken said...

Glad you are home for a break and to refresh for next week. Hopefully the opening will be smoother next week :o)

Indigo said...

Sounds like we are taking a page from the same book with contractors! Here's to hoping things go smoothier... Currently I have a leak in my bathroom under the new vanity and sink...ugh, I think these guys are in bed with the Tranny ho's. (Hugs)Indigo

mistress maddie said...

OH MY GOD! Make sure you lock the door behind you hon. We fret over the well being of Miss G. Just make some delish cookies for the manager to see your point, Hope all goes well!


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