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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Become a GInger Snap!

Big thanks to Nutwood Beth for creating the adorable "Ginger Snap" tag! Now all my adoring fans can place a tag on their blogs to let the world know they are "card carrying" Ginger Snaps! and SNAPS! to Miss Beth for her artistry!


Beth said...

I got SNAPS! Woohooo! Glad you liked it, Miss G!


Ken said...

I'm a Ginger Snap :o)

David Dust said...

I LOVE "Ginger Snaps" - it is perfect. I hope many of the Dust Bunnies become Ginger Snaps also.


Yasmin said...

Hi glad to see you here I've been reading your journal for a long while now, but must admit have never left comments but I will add you to my blog roll and promise to comment in future.


Dannelle said...

It won't let me! says it cannot find http...snap it all...Dannelle


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