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Friday, October 10, 2008

Waiting for Nyquil

Miss Ginger is waiting for her Nyquil to kick in, so she thought she'd knock out some blog to make use of the time.

We made quite a bit of progress today toward the opening of the upcoming 150th anniversary installments of America's Favorite Department Store.

We've only got 9 days left to work, and still TONS to do, but it will happen. It has to happen! October 25th is the 150th anniversary of an American institution, and the return of these stores to the rebirth of New Orleans is our way of giving back to the country we now serve from coast to coast! Tommy Hilfiger will be there. Emeril Lagasse will be there. Martha Stewart will be there. Clinton Kelly will be there. Miss Ginger will be there, making sure they are all comfortable, happy, and in the right places at the right times! Oye!

The Gala they are hosting should be QUITE the shindig! The event benefits NOCCA, the New Orleans Conservatory of Contemporary Arts, and tickets for VIP admission are like $750 a pop.

Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse, and Macy's Team Up To Benefit The NOCCA Institute!
Join Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse

Ooh! – Macy’s celebrates the opening of two new stores at Lakeside Shopping Center and The Esplanade.
Ahh!! – See and be seen at a fabulous cocktail gala featuring lively entertainment, culinary delights and a high-energy fashion show all to benefit The NOCCA Institute on the night of Friday October 24, 2008 at Macy’s Lakeside Shopping Center.
Wow!!! – Mingle with Macy’s famous friends including Steve Madden, Chef Tyler Florence, Clinton Kelly, Tommy Hilfiger, Gavin DeGraw, Irma Thomas, Nestor Torres, Chef Cat Cora, Russell Simmons, Chef Dave Lieberman and of course, Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse!!!
Macy’s is the place to be this fall when Macy’s returns to New Orleans. Honorary co-chairs Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse will be joining Macy’s Inc. Chairman, President & CEO, Terry Lundgren in welcoming an assortment of both local and national celebrities to Macy’s Cocktail Gala benefiting The NOCCA Institute. The night’s festivities include an exciting cocktail gala on all three levels of the store, a first time ever cooking demonstration by Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse, and a riveting fashion show in the tented venue adjacent to the store.
Macy’s celebrities will be walking the red carpet as they arrive at 6PM for the Private Megastar VIP Reception. VIP guests will then walk the red carpet at 6:30PM to attend the exclusive and intimate reception where they will get to meet all of Macy’s famous friends up close and personal. 7PM marks the official start of the gala in the store where guests will experience wonderful culinary delights, cocktails, and entertainment on all three levels of the store. Meet your favorite celebrity friends and designers in their department.
At 8PM, Terry Lundgren welcomes everyone to the tented venue and for the first time ever, Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse will be cooking and demonstrating together! Stay seated for an exciting community connection fashion bringing you a dramatic experience of fashion and dance as gorgeous models, edgy street dancers, local celebrities and pillars of the New Orleans community strut the runway finishing off the evening. All guests will receive a complimentary gift bag designed by a local NOCCA student filled with premium vendor items.

Gotta love a swag bag, right? Check out the history and culture we're celebrating right here!


Dannelle said...

Wish I could be there, so many faves in that crowd! Lucky you! Dannelle
CODE: ivtzh "I vant to zee him/her"

Beth said...

Wow, that sounds like a blast! I LOVE EMERIL! Give him a big hug from me! LOL

Seriously, he inspired me to not be afraid to cook, and to learn the joy of it. Ken and I went to NOLA on our first trip to New Orleans, and loved it. It was special, but not snooty, and I think that sums up Emeril.

(Hope you're feeling better!)

Hugs, Beth


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