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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Miss Ginger Visits McDoctor's

Miss G finally gave up and decided to go to McDoctor's for a Sinus Infection Combo, supersize the cough syrup.
Or was is a Stardoc's Medicine, for a Head Cold Frappacino with a shot of steroids?
She's not sure which, because she's kinda looped right now.
She had to go, because every 15 minutes or so she would go into these maniacal hacking/coughing fits that left her red-faced, sore, and frustrated. She's had a cough drop in her mouth almost every second of the last week, and has even been sleeping with a cough drop in her mouth, but she would wake up every couple of hours when the cough drop melted and she would start hacking again. The drainage and the coughing are the only really bad symptoms, but they were really bad and not getting any better, until now.
So, Ronald McDoctor gave her a steroid shot in her derriere, plus a prescription for a codeine cought syrup (you know, the kind that actually work!) and a prescription strength antihistamine with the very literal name of "Lodrane". (She likes that medicine name almost as much as "Flomax"!)
Anyway, they both cause drowsiness, so Miss G figured she would pop them down and sleep the weekend away until she felt better. Not so much. Actually, the drainage has already stopped. Just like that. Not sure whether that the shot or the pill, but within 2 hours of each, that's done. And since the drainage has stopped, most of the coughing is gone. But instead of feeling sleepy, Miss G feels jittery. REAL jittery. Too jittery to drive, for sure. Jittery like she needs a drink. But that would make things only worse!
Maybe in a few hours, when it's time for her cough syrup again, she'll mix it into a glass of Sprite and pretend it's a cocktail before she goes to bed. A cocktail always calms her nerves!
At least she won't be coughing all night!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad the medicine is already kicking butt on your symptoms :o)

Hope you feel better soon :o)

Dannelle said...

Doctor McDoctor must be a Super Star to knock out your Whopper of a sinus infection! Hope you get some sleep tonight and wake up refreshed. How about some ginger tea? Warm fuzzies, Dannelle

Indigo said...

Sounds like you got the perfect cocktail of medication to knock it out of your system. I have what they call a Paradoxical reaction to certain medications. Makes life fun for my dr. and I. What it means is whatever I take might have the oppisite effect of what it was intended for. Things that make you sleepy, tend to wire me up. If it's something that's suppose to supress a cough, I'll be hacking up a lung. Definitely keeps life interesting. Here's to hoping by weekends end your feeling more like yourself. (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

I hope this does the trick for you. Your sinus infection does not sound fun, and the worst part of being sick is not being able to sleep soundly.

I totally crack up over the name Flomax, too!

Hugs, Beth

timmy said...

Codiene makes me jittery and hyper. It causes road rage. It makes me want to bitch slap people for no reason and it causes Tourette's Syndrome. Just sayin'.


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