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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For Miss Alaineous

Miss Alaineous commented that if Miss Ginger's shoe department had these shoes, she wanted them.
I'm pretty sure these are the shoes she coveted.
Just email me your size and chargecard number and we'll get these right out to you, sweetie:
Now that's internet shopping, GingerSnap style!


miss alaineus said...

seriously, how much are the low tops??? i love the red ones (everyone knows red shoes make you run faster, just like pink shoes make hookers trick better)

ps...if mr blackwell died from an intestinal infection 'twas because he was so FULL OF SHIT....


ps my verification code was yo tamps! i could have fun 6 ways with sunday with that one

Dannelle said...

Miss A is correct bout Mr. B's infection! Miss G, you have become a topic of conversation her in my house! Aggie comes home from works and asks "what's going on with Miss Ginger today?" Macy ads are new hightlights in commericals! Love you, Dannelle

Indigo said...

I had to come and see the shoes, when I read your comment on Alaina's blog. They fit her personality perfectly. (Hugs)Indigo

a corgi said...

hi; just found your blog through "Miss Alaineous" blog; love these shoes; I think (no joke) my son would like them too; I need to show them to him; if not him then his friends for sure

enjoy your day



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