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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Conflict, Turmoil, Hate, and more...

There are many things in this world that Miss G cannot wrap her tiny little brain around. Lightning. Internal combustion engines. Airplanes. She just can't figure out how those things work!
She also can't wrap her tiny little brain around hate. She just doesn't get it. Judgement? Sure, that's out there, and there will always be those who judge. Apathy? It's epidemic in this country, and probably always will be because no one cares enough to fix it! (Budomp- bomp! Ching! I'm here all week, folks!) Intolerance? If those who claim to be intolerant would put use avoidance to alleviate the need to tolerate, than there's no real harm there. But hate- Miss Ginger just doesn't get it! What's the motivation to put so much energy and emotion behind something you don't like?! Why do you even care?!

It starts during childhood, as demonstrated by the recent death of a local student, Asher Brown, here in the Houston area. This young man, barely past puberty, was forced into dealing with a lifestyle decision that many men don't make until they are old and grey! Bullied by other students, he took his own life rather than face the daily hatred of other students. Those students weren't born as hatemongers- like all humans, they were born with pure souls and the love of humanity in their tiny little hearts. But someone, somewhere, taught them that hate was an acceptable way of life. They learn ways to express hatred that were accepted; tolerated; perhaps even condoned.

Now, there is huge debate between the parents of the child and the school district where this bullying happened. There's another thing around which Miss G can't wrap her tiny little brain. A mother lost a child in a hideous, senseless misfortune. The child shot himself- a bloody death, in this woman's own home. Why on Mother Earth would she make up a story about reporting bullying and violence to the school authorities if she hadn't? What grieving mother would put herself in the middle of that senseless debate if she didn't have to? How could anyone question the integrity of a grieving mother?!

And why in the name of all things Holy would a school system devise a system that could allow a complaint to go uninvestigated?! CyFair ISD is well-known in these parts as one of the best of the public school districts. People actually pay a premium for their matchy little houses made of ticky-tacky so they can send their children to these schools. Let's say there were one hate-monging teagabber working in a Principal's office. How could they circumvent a well-devised system of checks and balances designed to ensure the safety of all the students in the building?! It just doesn't make sense!

Where do people learn this hate? Do their parents teach it to them at home? Outside of Cypress Fairbanks, are they learning it in school? Maybe it's church! "God-fearing" Christians teach their kids to worship every Sunday. There's another one Miss G can't fathom: why would anyone want to worship something they feared? They are taught this by "Christian" "leaders" like "bishop" eddie long (Miss Ginger refuses to honor that douchenozzle with capital letters!) Besides, judging from these photos, he will probably be known in prison as Bishop Schlong! This money-grubbing swindler spent millions of other people's dollars to build an enormous mega-church in Atlanta. Money he bilked from innocent people by promising to teach their children the fundamentals of Christianity. Now, Miss G is by no means a devout churchgoer, but she's pretty sure the foundation of Christ's worship is not based on sodomy, analingus, and fellatio. How do we expect his "followers" to process and rationalize the mockery he has made of their innocent, naive faith? No doubt for some of them, this will lead to feelings of hate, and we've already covered how confusing and mindless that all seems!

Every adult with respect for mankind must rise above hatred in any way they can! Saying "I won't tolerate hate" is kind of like say "I won't ask if you won't tell"... It's like burying our head in the sand! We must actively seek it out, challenge it, and prevent it's spread. Hate has become viral- love is the antivirus!!

I LOVE the example Wanda Sykes shows in this video:


Sam said...

Exactly George. Exactly. More PSA's are needed. I'm so glad you said something about daddy long legs over there in Georgia too.

Wonder Man said...

Well said, Ginger


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