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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend Ketchup!

Wow- it's been a crazy couple of weeks- time for Miss G to ketch you up!!

She's finally feeling better after her hideous illness!  It lasted every moment of 7 days,  and the first couple of days back to work she didn't feel great. But now she's back to full speed,  feeling better than she's felt in months!  I guess all that rest did the ole girl some good!  And she lost about 25 lbs- so maybe that's the start of a new trend, as well!

Miss G has also found a post-illness burst of ambition and has whipped herself into a cleaning frenzy.  She spent the day restoring the garage to it's proper order, and tonight she's going to tackle Ginger's side of the closet!  Wish her luck!

By now everyone is caught up on the Project Runway disappointment- ugh, what a let down!  I cannot believe Michael Kors was so steadfastly behind that ugly brown granolawear!  She had all that time and money, and all we got was "this sad, brown collection".  Mondo was robbed!  Plain and simple!  I knew PR would be a letdown when it moved to Lifetime, and I was not wrong.  If Heidi doesn't get things reigned in a bit she's not going see a Season 9 or 10!

And what's up with this trend of putting bitchy Brits in their own shows?  It started a few years back with that nighttime game show with that horrible little woman- what was it called? The Weakest Link- had to google it. And the Supernanny. And those old British Ladies that bitch about how dirty your house is. And Tabitha's Salon Takeover (not really a Brit but it's the whole accent thing...) 

And now Lifetime brings us Hayley Taylor,  an "employment expert" who brings that famous British "tough love" across the pond to put American's back to work.  Miss G is not sure what an "employment expert" is, or what qualifies Hayley to be one, but she decided to roll with it! 

Miss G watched the first episode, mostly because the unemployed husband looked like a cute version of Harry Connick, Jr.  Sean was portrayed as a down on his luck ex-Marine who had little job experience and no real job skills after his stint (whatever happened to "be all that you can be?")  Anyho,  a quick internet search revealed that Sean has done a little "modeling on the side" , which leads Miss G to wonder where else this thick-lipped slicker's money maker has been!  

Of course, Hayley whips Sean and his homely little wife into shape, encouraging them to clean up the dog feces in the bedroom so they'll feel better about coming home from work when they actually have a job.  The show has all the trappings of the "occupational reality" genre Miss G loves:  "challenges" where they do volunteer work to make them feel better about themselves, backroom cameras where we can watch them in their job interviews and enjoy Hayley's play by play commentary, and the unknown drama in the end as we all wait for the phone to ring and the job offers to come in.

Kinda boring, really, and certainly not riveting enough to keep Miss G watching.  Now that Golden Girls has moved to the Hallmark Channel,  Miss G really has no use for Lifetime- Television for Tampon Companies!


David Dust said...

If you are looking for that 25 lbs you lost - I found it ... on my once again super-sized gut :(

And look at YOU, investigating the hotties!!! And you're right, that guy does look like a lower-rent version of Harry Connick, Jr.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Step away from the McRibs!!!

And I learned my stalking techniques from the best! Love ya!


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