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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rock the Vote!!

Texans (and all other's, for that matter!)  It's CRUCIAL that you make it out to vote Tuesday to help us elect former mayor Bill White to the Governor's Mansion!  We CANNOT tolerate another 4 years of "Prick" Perry and his repubican ilk!!

There are also TONS of races for various and sundry judges here in Harris County- please help us keep the Teabagging rebubicans OFF of those benches!!  We need judges who are impartial to protect our rights- not judges motivated to protect "big bidness"!

If you need help deciding which candidates will be most likely to support your rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,  take a look at the recommendations made by the Houston Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus!  And if you live elsewhere,  you may find some appropriate recommendations in this endorsement by the League of Drag Queen Voters!!

Miss Ginger certainly hopes that her dear readers will vote for candidates that are known to support human rights!  The rights to worship, speak, and love as we wish were the rights this country was founded upon, and those rights don't seem to be a high priority for the teabagging repubicans right now, who seem to be more more interested in protecting their own personal business interests than the civil liberties we Americans so graciously appreciate!

Rock your vote,  and make it count!!

1 comment:

Kailyn said...

I mailed in my ballot. There are some scary folks on the ballot here in California. Of course I noticed that your ad on this post is an anti-Boxer video. Boxer may have problems but Fiorina just scares me.


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