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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Screw ObamaCare... Miss Ginger has decided to take it one step further! It's the insurance plan of the future, and I KNOW it will work!!!

Not only do we provide insurance on a sliding scale for everyone who can't afford it, but we require the companies who provide it, as well as all insurance companies, to bundle health insurance AND life insurance into one package!! That way, it's in their vested interest to keep you alive and healthy!!

Think about it: under the GingerCare plan:

1. All prescriptions would cost the same! If the insurance company charged more for some scripts, you might not take them. Then you might die, and they'd have to pay out a death benefit!

2. You could see a doctor whenever you wanted! Heaven forbid they brushed off your claim of chest pains as "indigestion!" That heart attack would cost them too much!

3. You could stay in the hospital until you are well! No more rushing people home the day of their surgery to risk infection, injury, or ruptured sutures! It would be much more cost effective to keep you close at hand so they can make sure you don't go home and die on them!

We certainly wouldn't have to deal with ridiculous bullshit like restricted formularies, preauthorizations, advance notification, primary care referrals, etc., etc., etc.!!

C'mon, Barack: if we're gonna do this, let's do it right!!


mistress maddie said...

I like it girl! Lets get on the band wagon and start to promote this! And yes dearie, you were missed. You will have to email me sometime with your number so I can add you to the dronken text list!!! lol! Joy says they give her a hearty laugh.

David Dust said...

All kidding aside - this is a pretty good idea.

And Maddie is right - our sister Ginger was definitely missed this weekend. And when she mentioned "boorbecued pork buns" on the subway today, I immediately thought of you!!


Mr.Mischief said...

Damn...I honestly can't think of why this wouldn't work(except the insurance companies kinda like making profits) and I'd be on board for sure!


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