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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Miss Ginger Mops Up! A Consumer Product Review!!

Today Miss Ginger felt well enough to try to clean the house a bit,  and realized the mops that dear Celia has been using have not been replaced in a jillion years!  The microfiber pads are getting raggedy, she has to hold the extend-able handle in the right position with Saran Wrap, and if you mop too fast the whole head falls off! Quelle dommage! It's a wonder the poor dear has stayed with me!

Being the giving soul that she is, (and not wanting to have to use that broken down equipment herself) Miss G took advantage of a lull in her miseries to run over to Ghetto Kroger around the corner, to pick up a new mop and a few other necessities.

As she carried in the sleek, aerodynamic Freedom Mop she had just acquired, she realized just how much housekeeping had changed since her childhood, when our unfixed Irish Setter Holly would celebrate her "seasons", and Momma G would follow behind her dutifully with the "dog mop",  dabbing away at the droplets the escaped the poor beast's diaper! Momma G always kept 2 mops hanging on the water mains that fed the water heater. The newest one, her "good" mop, was used for general housekeeping.  As it became ratty and tattered (and one of the 5 boys needed a wooden mop handle for a school/scout/athletic project), the "good" mop was converted to the "dog" mop, to be used only to clean up any of the disgusting things that spill out of Irish Setters with amazing frequency. So, a new "good" mop was acquired, leaving the old "good" mop to thank it's lucky stars it was not yet the old "dog" mop, which by this point had generally been beheaded, it's rigid body forming the support of some 8 year old boy's engineering project. Good Mop... Dog Mop....Stickball. A rebirth, of sorts- "ashes to ashes, mops to mops...."   But I digress!

Back in Momma G's day, there were but 2 kinds of mops- string mops and sponge mops.  Momma G was not a fan of the sponge mop- it didn't hold up well to bleach, a necessary warfare chemical in Momma G's arsenal.  Our mops were string mops, hanging on the water heater looking like two bad tranny hookers after a night at the car wash!

Momma G would be AMAZED at the variety of mops available today, with interchangeable pads, motorized sprayers, and more plastic body parts than Amanda Lepore! Miss G was like a kid in the candy store looking at all the options, but she's had her eye on this practical beauty for awhile!

The Freedom Mop from Libman seems to Miss G to be a great marriage of convenience, good design, and value-  all important criteria in the quest for Miss G's ever coveted lipstick rankings! Miss G has always avoided the "spray mop" category, largely because they require their own (expensively packaged) proprietary cleaning solutions! They go so far as to engineer the bottles where you would have to break the top off to open them, rendering them completely useless for refilling! Some even use disposable pads that aren't even durable enough to clean an average size house without disposing of several!  What a waste!!

The Freedom mop uses a cleverly designed solution tank that is designed to be refilled over and over again.  It's your choice whether to buy large bottles of premade solutions to pour into it, or to fill it with your own homemade concoction, but either way save over the cost of the other brands' overpriced, over engineered bottles! The large trigger at the handgrip has great leverage, so you don't pump your hand into cramps as you spray the solution, and the removable pad sticks on firmly with corner to corner velcro, so it stays flat and won't come loose!  You can buy extra pads to change them quickly as you move from one room to another with different surfaces!  Best of all, once you're done, you can throw all the pads into the washer with the rest of your cleaning rags, and they'll be fresh and clean for the next use!  No more drag queens on the water heater, Momma G!

Whether you fill it with Clorox, Bona, or Anti-icky-poo,  the Freedom Mop from Libman certainly makes buckets and wringing obsolete!  For quality, design, ease of use, and sustainable use of resources,  Miss Ginger gives it the coveted 5 lipsticks!!!

Leave a comment and less Miss G know what products YOU would like to see her review!!!


Joy said...

You'd better take better care of Celia! She'll be thrilled with the new mop, and I learned so much about Momma G's history of mops.

Mr.Mischief said...

It's a gadget..I might have to try that out sometime!...I have a clip in a recent post of a very talented theater actor you might like too..involved cross dressing in cardboard

Adirondackcountrygal said...

That mop does sound quite wonderful! I like that you can rewash the pads!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

The trick is to clean often enough that the pads do not get filthy in less than a minute.


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