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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Makes Perfect Sense!

Oddly Specific, one of Miss Ginger's favorite blogs, recently ran this pic with a caption intimating that is doesn't make sense to them.

It makes perfect sense to Miss Ginger! The stall is reserved for people with mobility impairments and and hoop skirts!  Have you ever tried to relieve yourself while wearing a hoop skirt?  Standing, sitting, or any other way around,  you're going to need more space than the standard bathroom stall allows!

Miss Ginger applauds the owners of this establishment for making it drag queen friendly!!


Kailyn said...

At my cotillion we wore crinolines because I think there may have been some hoop skirt mishaps in the past. They are rather tricky for sitting.

Bob said...

But are you wearing the hoop skirt IN the wheel chair?
Cuz that just seems odd! =/

Mr.Mischief said...

Hell, I knew right away what it meant, and I haven't worn a dress in about 6 years!


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