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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shakira was heera:

and Miss Ginger got to see her!!

It's been a hellacious few weeks for Miss G with 3 back-to-back weeks of travel, and the inevitable finally happened- she totally fucked up her schedule and caused a meltdown!

Many weeks ago she made plans to fly to Berkley this weekend for Zombie Mom's housewarming party, and a chance to meet the darling Mermaids in person. She even booked the ticket.

Then, in a fit of exhaustion, when a friend said "I have extra Shakira tickets this weekend, you wanna go?" she mentally recapped my schedule and said" "Next week, garage sale; week after that, Berkley- sure, let's go."

Then, she got this cryptic comment from Kailyn on facebook. Then, she got an email from Continental asking her to check in for her flight. (flight? what flight? I just landed!) Then, it hit her- she got her weekends all mixed up, and was supposed to be flying to Berkley (vis SF) for Zombie's party. Exhausted and angry,she messaged ZM that she couldn't make it- way too tired to travel this weekend! Then she cancelled the ticket. Then, she went to bed. Sad.

The next day was a bit better- at least Shakira was fun, even from the nosebleed seats. From that distance, she couldn't help but think that, once she sweated her makeup off, Shakira looked very much like Jackie Warner, if Jackie had long hair. It was hard to find photos of Shak with no makeup, or Jackie with long hair, for that matter. But of course, Miss G wouldn't let you down, so here it is:

It's not like you're going to mix them up at the airport, and maybe it's more like an older sister than a twin, but don't you think there is a striking resemblance?

Anyway, ZM, I'm sorry I'm gonna miss the party, but I'll make it to visit soon! (When does earthquake season end?!)


mistress maddie said...

Oh dear that does suck!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sorry you missed the weekend, but it sounds like it may have been for the best.


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