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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Caturday, Paula Poundstone!!!

Hey GingerSnaps!! Miss G wanted to give a holiday shout out to one of her favorite comediennes of all time, Paula Poundstone!!    Paula, like so many of you GingerSnaps out there,  celebrates Caturday every day,  and has even created a special website called The Poundstone Diner Cam, where you can track her cats feeding habits,  24-7!  If you catch it at just the right time, Pacific Time, you might even get to catch Paula at feeding time, filling the role of provider!  She has a quirky, goofball sense of humor that Miss G just adores!  Perhaps you will,  too!

And the kitties and I want to go to her pet store!!!

If you love Paula as much as Miss G, follow her on Twitter!!  


David Dust said...

I love her too, and am now following her on Twitter. Thanks for the heads-up.

I see that she thanked you!!


Sam said...

I thought she was in prison?
What happened to those lewd acts with a
child criminal charges she had? Do I have my comedians crossed? I always loved here stand up routines.

Joy said...

I'm ahead of the request! I've been following her on Twitter quite a while and just love her. It's always best for me on "Wait, Wait! Don't Tell me!" when Paula, Roy Bount, Jr., and Mo Rocca are on.

Joy said...

Tug, she was arrested for child endangerment for driving while drunk with her adopted and foster children in the car and lost custody of them for a year and a half while she was in rehab. She got her adopted children back. A 12-year-old foster girl with emotional problems accused her of lewd behavior but the charge was dismissed because of insufficient evidence after exhaustive investigation. It's not that unusual for foster kids and other ones around that age to make those accusations.

She quit drinking and served her punishment, so I believe we can let that go now. She's been on probation and found to be a good parent. I know from teaching that kids are capable of ruining careers and lives when they make false charges like that, and some do because they know they can and do it for spite. When it's true, they need to, but those who cry wolf ruin it for the real victims.


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