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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A New Consumer Products Review!

Miss Ginger has never been a big fan of sandwiches.  When Miss G was just a wee little boy, and Momma G was busy trying to keep up with the feeding and care of 5 hungry boys, there was only one answer to the question "what's for dinner":  "Poke and grits! Poke your feet under the table, grit your teeth, and eat what I serve you!"  Momma G was a great cook, so it was usually something good, but like most children, Miss G had a couple of food aversions: fish sticks, liver, and okra, to name a few.  There actually was an option-  Momma G ALWAYS had a loaf of white bread, a package of pink baloney meat, and individually wrap squares of orange cheese-like product in the house.  If anyone didn't like what she made for dinner,  they were welcome to make a baloney sandwich!

Then, there was fishing on the weekends with Poppa G.  Poppa had the routine down to a science,  with gassing the boat, loading the beer, and getting the stuff for lunch always the same.  Lunch was a loaf of white bread, a pack of baloney, and a bottle of squeeze mustard.  That was it. No pickles. No chips. Nothing else. Baloney on white bread. With mustard if you wanted it. And there was no way to cut the crusts off, either.  "Tear 'em off and feed 'em to the sea gulls if you don't want to eat them!"

So when you say "sandwich" to Miss G, it conjures a vision of that loaf of Evangeline Maid Bread and that package of Oscar Mayer Baloney! Plus, living alone, she can never finish a loaf of bread by herself before it goes stale,  and the baloney meat always becomes "questionable" before it's used up, so she typically doesn't buy either.

Q: When is a sandwich not a sandwich?
A:  When it's grilled into a PANINI!!!

Now, Miss Ginger LOVES her a good panini, like the one shown here that she made herself for lunch today!  Crisply toasted rye wrapped around melted Brie and prosciutto slices!  Delish! 

"But Miss G", you ask, "how did you get that crispy exterior and those beautiful brown lines on it?"

Well,  dear 'Snaps, she used her newest kitchen toy, the Cusinart Griddler!!

She actually has the Griddler Jr, because it was on sale at her local Macy's and is plenty large enough for a single gal who eats like a bird! She couldn't find the small one online but they may have it in a store near you!

Now, I know many of you may have one of those stupid George Foreman Grills taking up space in your pantry, but throw that stupid thing out and get this- it's way better! 

The two things Miss G likes about it most are the all metal construction and the free-floating upper plate,  that lets you use even pressure to make a nice, flat panini instead of a wedge shaped one caused by a fixed hinge lid!  The cooking plates lift off to go into the dishwasher if needed,  but Miss G has found they can usually just be wiped off.  There are no grease trapping seams or crevices like so many of these things seem to have!!  As you can see by her panini above,  it browns evenly and makes a nice, deep impression to multiply the crispiness beyond what you get on a flat surface!

Miss G will probably still use her outdoor grill for meats,  but she is eager to try fish on this grill, where the heat will be easier to control and the flesh won't fall apart as she tries to flip it!

For quality and functionality,  Miss g gives the Griddler Jr. 4 lipsticks!  It's not something everyone "must have"- but if you love paninis as much as Miss G, this is the tool to use!


Wonder Man said...

I like that Griddle

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Looks great, but not sure we have the kitchen nor storage space. Guess we will have to visit you or NOLA for a panini :o)

kayce. said...

i used to have a griddler ~ the full-sized one, though... it had flat panels to switch out for the grill ones so you can lay it flat for pancakes, etc. does the mini version have that, too? if so, i may have to go hunt for the mini (b/c there's no way i can fit the full-size into my current kitchen).

Adirondackcountrygal said...

When I lived on La Maddalena, which is a dinky little island off the coast of Italy, when I went into the store and ordered a prosciutto and formaggio sandwich, I got a hot crusty roll type sandwich with nice ham and cheese all hot and melty. No grill marks and lines. Oh how I miss them!

R.J. said...

I have one of those stupid George Foreman 360 grills. LOL!

This is awesome you've fallen in love with the panini. I love grilling sandwiches on those days when I don't feel like cooking something in the kitchen.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Kayce: alas, the plates are removable but not interchangeable! I don't think there are flat ones available for this model!

MadeInScotland said...

I took an American friend to the Arsenal - v- Tottenham Hotspurs footie game today. Wow! What fun.

Miss GG.


One of the main holidays we don't share.


mrs. miss alaineus said...



Coelha :B said...

That panini sure looks good.. If I lived alone, I swear I could live on sandwiches alone... :) Julie

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i have a confession to make. i LOVE kitchen gadgets. i think my husband realized shortly after we got married and i was able to list for him 10 reasons to keep a breamaker.. .


Beth said...

I had to laugh at the white bread and baloney sammiches. When my family would head out on the boat, or when in Georgia, head up into the mountains, I still remember sitting at a roadside picnic table and eating baloney sandwiches. And you know what? I still don't mind the taste of them.

Joy said...

Will check this out. I'd like the interchangeable panels, too. I also have fond memories of baloney and "cheese" sandwiches and can still eat one now and then. Living alone does lessen the options of having some food around or eating it soon. Love panini and wish I had one now.

Joy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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