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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spoke Too Soon!

Apparently, Miss Ginger's video card died!  After recovering and installing several updates, Miss G got another blue screen, and then a black screen!  Quelle dommage!

Miss Ginger worked through the troubleshooting guide from the Dell Website, which didn't work because the INSTRUCTIONS COULDN'T BE FOLLOWED!!!  They said to "press and hold the key while powering on the system".... but they didn't say WHICH KEY!!!!  

So, she made a quick phone call to India, and, as it turns out, it's the  "Fn" key, and holding it when you press power starts a diagnostic that tells you with a system of blinking lights what's wrong when you can't boot up. 

The ever optimistic Miss G is not even cranky about all of this, because she found out the dang thing is still under warranty!?  Who knew?  She figured it expired yesterday, per her usual luck, but as it turns out, it's still under warranty until June 2011!!  Miss G must be living right!!

And better yet, they send a tech out to fix it!  Miss G doesn't have to take it anywhere, or mail it anywhere- nothing!  How FABULOUS is that?  Meanwhile,  she has several other ways to keep in touch digitally, so you won't have to worry about missing any of her unique insight!


David Dust said...

This computer bug must be going around. Both Maddie and Mama Bunny ordered new laptops on Cyber Monday to replace their broken ones.


Kailyn said...

I can top that. We had a non-functioning laptop at work. Called Dell and had a tech come out. Turns out we had one week left on the warranty when I made the call.

Lesson for you? Sometimes good things happen for good people.

Dan said...

I love Dell. The computer geek that had to come fix mine a while back was not geeky at all and seemed to enjoy the pictures he found on mine when it booted up. lets just say he stayed for a longer call than was expected! ;)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

No comment, want no jink on mine.

Joy said...

Mine's still under warranty, too, and I had to get a new motherboard but had to send it off. I'm so glad yours worked out so well! Was it an NVIDIA card? That was bad on mine, too.

mistress maddie said...

Oh how I just lovvvvvvve technology! Of course mine was a gin related accident! JK! But how I missed you so Miss Ginger! Thanks for stopping by!


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