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Thursday, November 18, 2010

All the News You Might Have Missed...

... if you weren't tuned into Miss Ginger!  She scours the news- so you can leave yours dirty!

First, you may remember Miss Ginger posting in the past about Phyllis Randolph Frye, a local Houston attorney and activist who is transgendered.  Well, today, the Houston Chronicle reported that Mayor Annise Parker has appointed Phyllis to be Houston's first transgender municipal court judge.  It's a good article, and my favorite part is this quote from Phyllis:

"I almost started crying, because I remember 31 years ago, in that very same chamber, I was subject to arrest," Frye said.

Yes, at one point Houston was backward enough to have a law on the books that said men could not dress as women, and women could not wear button-fly jeans!  Worse yet, it was sometimes enforced!! Can you believe it!  Today proves that even in this Republican hellhole, we can at times move forward!!  Baby steps. I'll take 'em!!

Also in today's Chronicle, their MomHouston Blog asks the question: would you support a ban on circumcision? Apparently there is an initiative brewing in San Francisco to try to get a vote on the ballot to illegalize any such "genital mutilation."  One thing's for sure:  there's no going back!  So, GingerSnaps:  what's your preference-  cut or au naturel? Leave a comment and let us know what you think?

You're going to do WHAT to my WHAT?!!

And finally,  their "Advertising vs. Reality" pictorial gives a visual comparison of the picture on the menu to what is actually served.  Fair warning:  your McRib may never look so delicious again!

So, go ahead and let the dog shit on that old fashioned newspaper!  You already know all the good stuff!!

1 comment:

David Dust said...

Circumcised or uncircumcised? Oh honey, at this point as long as the person its attached to is breathing - I'LL TAKE IT.



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