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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Miss Ginger Finds Nirvana!!

And it is located on a tiny touch-screen!

Harrah's Casino in New Orleans has installed a new system on all of their slot machines that is nothing short of BRAZZILLIANT!!!

As you know,  the only thing Miss G likes to do more than gamble is to drink,  and now Harrah's has made it easier than ever for Miss G to keep herself entertained for hours on end!

Harrah's New Orleans, like most casinos, gives free drinks to their players.  In Miss Ginger's opinion, it's a pretty good deal,  because on most nights she spends about the same at the casino that she would spend at a bar, and is actually much more likely to get lucky.  In the past, however,  getting your drink on at a casino could be difficult,  as the cocktail waitresses were usually overworked, and on a busy night quite difficult to find.  But Harrah's to the rescue with "Total Touch",  which allows you to order your drink on a touch screen right from the slot machine!!  Man, I wish I'd thought of that!!

It is that perfect combination of easy and effective!  Touch the button that says "Order Beverage" and you navigate through the simple menu to your selection- for Miss G:  Light Beers > Bud Light.  Once your selection is comfirmed, you get a message that your order is processing. Once the bartender has pulled the beverage,  you get a message letting you know it's on it's way.  Shortly thereafter, a cheerful cocktail waitress,  who is happy that people have not been yelling "Miss!  Miss!!" at her all night,  brings your beverage to you.  FLAWLESS!!

The system does several other neat things, like show your rewards balance, contact a slot attendant, and track your rewards progress, but really,  if it only ordered the drinks that would be enough!!

Great job, Harrah's!! 


David Dust said...

Wow - that really is a good idea. I wonder why they didn't think of it sooner??


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Awesome, there have been times I become almost parched :o)

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!!


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