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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holy Degradation, Batman!

Muffy Willowbrook over at "My Friends are Sluts" posted this image and her opinion of a doll called "Bebe Gloton", which, if Miss Ginger is not mistaken, translates to "Glutton Baby"!  Ewe!

Miss Ginger, of course, has some favorites of her own!  

What little girl doesn't dream of become a "custodial engineer?" !  I'm not talking "cleaning lady" in some posh residence in a great neighborhood!  No, siree!  Only the best for our little girl!  She's gonna get a job cleaning offices in a proper low-rent office park, where she will be assigned her own cleaning cart, complete with vacuum cleaner, broom,  and even her own tiny little purple plunger,  to unclog her tiny little, stank smelling public toilets!  A momma can dream, can't she? Anmd, if we're lucky, Mai Ling will grow up to be Asian, as shown on the box!  "I crean cubicow! OK?!"

Or, there's the (lower case)  playmobil "Airport Security" playset,  complete with a scarf beclad homosexual with red pants and yellow blazer, lest ye question his sexual orientation!  For those of you not familiar with playmobil,  it's the European version of Fisher Price, complete with the inappropriate images and sexual innuendo that we Americans have come to expect from our Euro-trash friends across the pond! Just look how the x-ray queen's legs stiffen as he anticipated the "wanding" our traveler is about to receive from the officer at the gate!  Good times for boys of all ages!!

But ridiculous imagery is not restricted to Europe!  Oh, no, right here in Amurca we have freaks ready exploit the minds of children in ways most of us would never dream!

Don't want to rot your child's creativity with a bunch of plastic toys?  How about a nice book under the tree?  Nothing is more edumacational than reading... especially when we have a chance to learn all about Mommy's new boob job!!
My Beautiful Mommycrayoned written by Michael Alexander Salzhauer, MD (yes folks, you read that right... "Mr. Doctor"!), explains to our little girl, in terms she can "understand", why Mommy needed silicone breast implants and collagen injections to fell "pretty".  Yes,  dear children,  if you are willing to undergo the sedation, pain, and recovery inflicted by these surgeries,  someday you, too, can dream of looking like this:

So, GingerSnaps, happy shopping!  I hope you find everything you need to make your little girl happy!! and insecure.  and psychotic.  and bulimic.  and schizophrenic.  and conceited.  and...


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glutton Baby, not a great image at all :o)

Mr.Mischief said...

I worked for a cleaning company for a while about 15 years ago-we never used vacuums like that one...not enough good toy design there! I love it though.. "yer most likely going to be lower class kids, might as well get practice in your future job while you can!"

Joy said...

What offensive toys you found! That book really tops them.


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