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Monday, November 22, 2010

Vintage Ads...

Miss Ginger is "stealing" a post that Howard retweeted about. She feels safe in doing that- since it isn't about music, she's pretty sure it's not earmarked for a mention on Soundtrack to My Day

Miss Ginger loves most things vintage, so she was particularly amused by this posting from the French blog Looking back to the "Mad Men" era of Madison Avenue, the post features "48 Ads That Would Never Be Allowed Today."  And how!  

Some weren't so farfetched:
Miss Ginger remembers many Christmases where kids in the neighborhood got BB guns, although they were strictly forbidden under Momma G's tree and in her house!  "You boys do enough damage to each other without weapons!  The last thing I need is a way for one of you to put an eye out!"  (Sidenote: do they use that phrase outside of the South? "Don't run with that pencil! You're going to fall and put an eye out?")

And even though cigarette ads seem like ancient history, Miss Ginger remembers ads like this.  She also remembers every Christmas,  Poppa G and Aunt Nen always gave each other a carton of cigarettes.  Miss G and her wino friends exchange wine every year: is it really all that different?

Miss Ginger didn't find this ad particularly degrading, taken in strict context.  I mean, in current times, she might have chosen to make dinner, because she wanted  to do something special.  And he's right- the beer is fine! At least the guy has his priorities in order!

At least he's not like this guy, who flies off the handle because the coffee is not fresh!  Dude- stop at Starbucks on the way to the office!

Now, this ad makes Miss Ginger realize that she would make the perfect wife for Don Draper, because she would LOVE to get fabulous kitchen gadgets under her tree!  Miss G LOVES her a small appliance- and NOT just the kind that run on AA batteries!!

She can see, however,  how some women may find it a tad over the top sexist!

This one, she gets!  Tacky as hell!  And she won't even show the ones under the "racial" headline!  Check those yourself on the site... IF you have the stomach for it!


David Dust said...

Darling -

You know my butch ass got a BB gun for Christmas one year?!? Dad wanted so badly for me to like guns and eventually go hunting - but that never happened. Luckily my little brother was able to fill the role of hunting buddy, so I could stay home gossiping on the phone with my girlfriends.

Actually, I LOVED my BB gun (it was a "Daisy", so of course my gay ass liked it), but I hated the idea of shooting other living beings (besides plants). Which is why my pesky younger brother is still living and breathing today.


Also, I do recall hearing the "poke your eye out" thing while growing up in PA.

Kailyn said...

That coffee ad? Guy would have had a hard time trying to spank me after getting a pot of scalding hot coffee in his face. (I'm having flashbacks to those tales of Al Green and a pot of grits.)

What I always heard was, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye." But while I'm a native Californian, my parents are Southerners so who knows. I know my friends in elementary school used to look at me like I had lost my mind completely when I would say, "Huh. I guess the devil's beating his wife."

mrs. miss alaineus said...

the bondage coffee ad kills me. we can still buy schlitz beer here -it's like 15 bucks for 30 cans (plus deposit of course).

will go check out the other site later!


Dan said...

I got my first 12 gauge shotgun at the age of twelve. Good Times!

I was always being told I was going to poke an eye out, but then again, my steps family was from Mississippi.


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