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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miss Ginger Has the Sads....

... for Mr. Mischief's friend! (For those of you "in the know", Mr. Mischief is Mr.Miss Alaineous. But it's not apropos of the point!)

Mr. Mischief found out today that a classmate is dying of cancer.  This is a girl in his small work group, someone he sees often. She had no idea that she had cancer, then felt ill a few days, went to the doctor, and WHAM!: "terminal cancer, hitting hard and quick!"  No hope for recovery, just palliative care. She has no no husband, no kids, no parents....

Miss G has the sads for her... and others like her.... and those who interact with them daily.  

And she also has the sads for our "get it and go" society that so often loses patience with the world around us!

So please, GingerSnaps- think of this girl!  Think of the compassion she deserves. Think of the pain she will suffer. And think of her loneliness and desperation! 

And think of her often!  And think of her at the times when she can be an inspiration to us most!

Think of her when the girl at Macy's misplaces your "hold", even though it was the last size 12 on Earth!  That girl could be her!  Is that dress so important?

Think of her when the guy at Starbucks puts 3 Sweet and Lows instead of 3 Splendas in your triple-venti-non-fat-three-splenda latte!  That guy could be her!  Does that coffee really taste THAT bad?

Think of her when Socialite Barbie pulls her Benz in front of you as you turn into the garage for your checkup.  Didn't she see you coming? Maybe not. She may have had something more life-changing on her mind than your left turn!

Think of her when the old lady in line at Chick fil A has apparently never been to Chick fil A in her life, and doesn't realize there is only one choice here-  "original" or "grilled". That old lady could be her.  Can you really be selfish about YOUR time now?

Speaking of time:  when was the last time you volunteered a little of your own to help people like this young lady?  She's dying of cancer. She has no family.  She's gonna need some help here!
American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
National Stroke Association
March of Dimes
Legacy Community Health Services

Don't let this young lady's suffering be in vain!  Perhaps her purpose in life is to serve as a reminder to us all that every moment of our lives deserves appreciation and respect!  Our moments on Earth are finite, and we must all use them in a way that will bring the most joy, peace, and happiness to the planet we share!

Miss Ginger implores you:  give some time-  give some money-  or just cut someone a little slack!  However you choose to give back,  your giving spirit will be rewarded tenfold, especially during the holidays, when needs peak and giving all but dries up for most charitable organizations!

Happy Holidays, GingerSnaps!  Give back!


mrs. miss alaineus said...

thank you. i think you need to be elevated to 'grande dame' status, miss just doesn't do your awesomeness enough justice.

when he told me about it i thought omg what would i do?????? the more i think about it, the luckier i realize i am, and the true meaning of thanksgiving has never been clearer to me than it is right now.

you remain one of my heroes dame g!


Joy said...

So true. Happy Thanksgiving, Miss Ginger! I'm glad I know you and am thankful for you! xoxoxoxox

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Wonderful entry, Thank You.


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