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Friday, November 26, 2010

Throwin' Chunks!!

Did any of you GingerSnaps out there catch "Punkin Chunkin" Thanksgiving Night on the Science Channel?? Miss Ginger has a new favorite sport!

What could be more fun than gathering with a few thousand like minded individuals in a muddy field in Delaware to watch dronk ZZTop lookalikes fling pumpkins across 2,000 feet of mud?!

Miss Ginger has decided she wants to create a Punkin Chunker and call it "The G-Spotter"!  She hoping she can convince Kengineer to help her design it.  And maybe Mr. Mischief can help build it!   Then,  she'll have to count on her own wicked awesome fund raising skills to get the $$$ to fund the damn thing!  I don't think Zombie can find a grant that would cover it!

First, Miss G will have to decide which division she wants to enter!

There is air cannon:


And Miss G's favorite font, Trebuchet:

For your inquisitive 'Snaps, in addition to being Macy's internal official font,  a "trebuchet"  is a specific kind of catapult that uses an articulated arm or a sling to extend the leverage behind the throw.  So now you know!

Miss G thinks a trebuchet is the way to go!  Intertia + leverage = winning combo!  It's kept a lot of big things on her back for at least 2.5 minutes!

Get your minds out of the gutter!!  She talking costumes!!! 

At any rate,  perhaps the first GingerSnapFest should take place in Nassau, Delaware,  next year!  Any takers?


David Dust said...

I'm down...


behrmark said...

I swear I need to get cable. That aside, OMG...I just love me a redneck neanderthal sporting a bushy beard! A-hem. Not sure I can make it to Delaware but count on me for some monetary support!

Kailyn said...

Reminds me of my undergrad. There they have the annual watermelon drop -- that started because of a problem on a physics exam. So yeah, instead of some bearded guy chucking a pumpkin, you get a surfer dude dropping a watermelon.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

two thumbs up for the trebuchet! i am so down with this!


Beth said...

LOL That sounds like a great time!


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