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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Discrimination Continues....

As some of you may have read right here on this world renowned blog, Boy G had the immense pleasure of meeting Nikki Araguz recently at the Human Right Campaign gala here in H-town.  Since then, we have become friends on facebook, and most recently, I had the pleasure of seeing her at the Houston Pride parade, where she remembered my named unprompted.

My heart so bleeds for this girl, but I have to say how honored I am to know her, and how impressed I am with her willingness to share her story and her life to further the cause of human rights.  

Check my previous post if you need a "catch up" on Nikki's case. 

A LOT has transpired since that last post, in addition to the fact that, through facebook and personal contact, Nikki has become someone I adore and admire!  I'm so impressed with the way she handles the media and the public, and I know that she is trying to make lemonade from some of the lemons that have been thrown at her!

The first big story of the week was the release of the findings from the investigation into Thomas' death.  As it turns out, Thomas never should have been sent into that fire in the first place!  There were no lives to save. The building was a tinderbox, and there was no risk to surrounding buildings.  Common protocol would have been to let it burn itself out while controlling the spread from outside the fire.  The captain who made the decision has asked to step down in his own remorse.

Then today, bigotted Republican Judge Vanessa Velasquez "scolded" Nikki for violating the terms of her bail on a petty larceny charge because of pictures posted on facebook of her attendance at the HRC Gala, including, perhaps, the FABULOUS photo of the two of us, above!!  Apparently the terms of her bail were vague, but the Dishonorble Judge Velasquez CONVENIENTLY decided that Nikki should not be allowed anywhere alcohol is served after hearing from staff members that Nikki had posted photos of herself at the Gala on facebook.  How ironic that her rights to attend a human rights event are being suppressed!!  Normally, Queen Ginger just kind of blows through the millions of county judge ballots on election day, but you can be double sure that next time this bitch is up for reelection, Queen G will pore over the ballot to find the chance to vote against her!

And I LOVE when people say this is about the money- it's how they show their own stupidity!  1st of all- the insurance money will be used to support the Thomas' kids, regardless of the way the court rules. This is a case of principles.  And secondly: Nikki could potentially make millions through this with book deals and her reality show, if she chooses to pursue those routes.  However the courts rule, girlfriend's gonna be okay!  She needs our support as she stands for her rights as a transgendered  human being, who is being denied her basic rights by the bigotted state of texas, which no longer gets capital letters on my blog!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for Posting this story about the fabulous Nikki!!!! We love her and she is our hero!!!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

school is kicking my butt- how are you?



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