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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Follow Me!

Queen Ginger is at 95 followers-  it's taken a long, long, time to get there, and she's proud of her progress! But, being a goal-oriented individual, she REALLY wants to be at 100!!!

She appreciates every one of her GingerSnaps, from the daily commenters to the occassional lurkers. And, according her feedjit, there are a LOT of lurkers out there!!

What are you hiding from, dear people?! Come into the light!! Sing up for a google account- it's free- and then follow, follow follow follow, follow!

1 comment:

Mind Of Mine said...

I got really excited when I reached 100 followers.Your blog is a great read it should really have more followers than it does, those who don't follow it are missing out


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