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Friday, June 3, 2011

Who Needs Reality TV....

...when the news is this riveting??

Singer Patti LaBelle apparently felt a passerby got too close for comfort here at Houston's Intercontinental Airport, where she rolled down the window to her limo and summoned her bodyguards.  A young U.S. Military Academy senior was talking on his cellphone and wondered into the singer's line of fire, enciting the attack. According to the Houston Chronicle, the cadet is now lawyered up and is suing LaBelle, her bodyguards, and IAH.

Now, before all you Patti queens out there jump to her defense, take a look at the security video- lower right hand corner.  It looks pretty unprovoked to Miss Ginger's naked eye:

Here's one for you reality TV fans out there...

Transgendered widow Nikki Araguz is back in court, in charges unrelated to her contested marriage to deceased firefighter Thomas Araguz III.  If you're not up to date on that story, after the tragic death of Thomas Araguz in the line of duty, Nikki, a surgical transexual, was sued by Thomas' ex-wife, stating that Thomas' marriage to Nikki was illegal because Nikki was born a man.  In fact, in the bass-ackwards state of Texas, such a marriage is not legal, the judge found for the plaintiff,  and the $1mil + dollars in death benefits went to Thomas' ex-wife and Nikki was left high and dry. A pretty sad story, and a tough reflection on Texas' regard for civil rights. The question about when and if Thomas Araguz knew about his wife's sexual reassignment may never be known for sure.

This week, Nikki is in court over what appears to be a petty larceny charge.  Once again, the Texas courts consider Nikki to be a laughable being, and the judge himself allows his bigotry to show through as he shakes his head while Nikki tells her side of the story.  That in itself should be cause for a mistrial in the Court of Miss Ginger, but in this case, who knows?  Problem is, Nikki has had a pretty checkered past, so issues like these make her case more challenging.

That, and the fact that she has agreed to allow a film crew and television producer to follow her around to create a new "reality" show called "Being Nikki". I guess it's a way to pay the bills, but it seems to Miss Ginger that she might have wanted to hold off until her case makes it through the appeals court.  In any case, I wish girlfriend a lot of luck, and hope she can maintain her composure and decorum during these difficult times. 

In other news, MLK's Daughter, Rvd. Bernice King, has parted ways with the bulgilicious Bishop Eddie Long of Atlanta megachurch New Birth. According to Rvd. King, she is leaving because homeboy fucked boys she "feels called to an assignment" that she is "not calling .. a church right now". Perhaps after she gives it some undivided attention, and it grows a bit, she can call it a church, but for right now, Miss Ginger is guessing she just thinks of it as a "penis" "congregation".

And finally, in the Great Northwest, a judge has ruled that The Gay Softball World Series can legally limit the number of straight players on their gay softball teams.  Apparently there were too many pitchers and not enough catchers!!

Who needs Connie Chung when you've got Miss G?!


It's Very Dark Here... said...

well it seems like an unfortunate accident but thats what security is for!

im one of patti's biggest fans so i know she wouldnt do it to be mean. her track record speaks for itself. this would be a first. im sure they will all have it cleared up. poor boy....but those celebrity bodyguards are not fucking joke!

Bob said...

Whatever happened to simply walking up to someone and asking them to move if they are in the way?
And whatever happened to stopping to help someone who's lying on the ground? How many people walked by that guy, stopping and staring as he struggled to stand up, and not offer a hand?


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