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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Pride from Queen Ginger Grant!

I trust all the GingerSnaps across the globe had a festive weekend as we celebrated Pride around the world!  

New York City gets the "Pride Prize" this year for giving us the greatest reason to celebrate!  Best wishes to all my 'Snaps in the Empire State, especially to David Dust and Franky G!  Auntie Ginger can't wait to come up and babysit the ADORABLE children you will have!

Here in H-town we had our typical, if not enlarged, Gay Pride Celebration!  A few die-hard members of the Krewe pulled together a float for King Tony and Queen G to ride, even if enthusiasm from the general membership seemed lacking!  Queen Ginger can always count on her lesbians to make sure she is duly honored!  We had a great time waving to the crowd and throwing glorious pearl necklaces to all the handsome hotties we saw in the crowd!   I've heard a crowd estimate of about 250,000,  which is a lot when you consider the prevailing political views in Texas!  I think it just goes to show what a farce our political system can be, when the direction taken by our leadership so clearly does not reflect public opinion!!  

After a long day of prepping and parading, Queen Ginger gave her new breathing machine QUITE a workout today!  3- count them- three (!) naps today borders on ridiculous!!  

But, my Dr. will know about all three of them TOMORROW thanks to the built-in wireless telstar uplink on Queen G's new machine! 

So, GingerSnaps. how did YOU celebrate Pride? And more importantly, how many naps did YOU take the next day?


David Dust said...

My friend Michael and I watched the last 2 1/2 hours of the parade - but my damn feet hurt the entire time. By the time I got on the subway to come back to Queens, I thought my feet were going to fall off!!

Getting old SUCKS.

Happy Pride.

Anonymous said...

G-Liz and I had a great time decorating your chariot and we both took long naps today also. You and tony looked great. MBC

mistress maddie said...

Happy Pride to you too tootes! First off, I thought I told you to STOP throwing pearl necklaces in public!!!!!! And to answer your question I was busy moving to Boy-Toy out of the Casa and into his new abode. I was over it. I knew I should have ran the whole show. After all is takes queens like us to run everything doesn't sister?


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