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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just For the Record.....

... Miss Ginger has never been particularly politically minded.  As a child, Momma G always taught her to respect the President, whomever he may be, and even though she was a pretty staunch Republican, she thought that JFK was the epitome against which other Presidents should be compared. And she hated Nixon. And Reagan. But she loved Bush the First. I guess she was politically confused! Baby G found most of it, well, boring, honestly.

But, Miss G is fixin' to go all political on your ass!!  If Prick Perry runs for President, Miss G will do everything in her power to ensure he doesn't get elected! This man can't run the State of Texas, one of the richest, most productive states in the Union!  While other states struggled with economies hobbled by poor market conditions, Texas motors forward, producing oil, computers, technology, and medical advancements at an astounding rate.  Yet, the Governor is so busy worried about what people are doing in their bedrooms, or how some unintentional unwed mother handles her pregnancy, that he can't find the time to figure out how to get Texas out of the red!  
His priorities are fucked up, his policies are fucked up, and his ideals are fucked up! About the only thing NOT fucked up about him is his perfectly coiffed 'do! Somedays, his updo is bigger than Miss Gingers!

Lest we forget, this was the man that a few short years ago was ready to take The Great State of Texas and secede from the country! Now, he's applying for the job of running it?! 

Miss Ginger is getting her political panties ready to roll- regardless of who the Republicans put out there, Miss G is ready to campaign against them!


Anonymous said...

At least he cannot run for another term as governor. MBC

Beth said...

You and me both, hon.

It's looking increasingly likely that Perry is going to run. Pretty pathetic, isn't it?


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