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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Posted Without Comment...

... I shall leave that to you, dear GingerSnaps!  Don't fail me- wow me with yor braZILLiantly hilarious captions!!


Bob said...

When Bob rubbed the magic lamp, hoping for a genie, he was shocked when the genie turned out to be Jeannie C. Riley singing a neverending loop of "Harper Valley PTA."
Bob subsequently beat himself to death with the lamp.

David Dust said...

Mr. Revere had to collect himself after having a frightening premonition:

He had been fighting in a revolution against the British just so a stupid Bitch from the North Pole could run (and lose) for Vice President, mangle the English language and just make shit up regarding American History.

"It's nothing but a bad dream", Paul Revere decided, and went back to his silversmithing.

Little did he know...


Joy said...

Amen, DD!! That's what Paule Revere is doing instead of turning over in his grave!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe what Weiner has done? MBC

Beth said...

"Somebody give that bitch a history book. Please."

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