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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An Idle Brain Is the Devil's Workshop...

... and 2 are just a disaster waiting to happen!!!

Mrs. Miss A and I were chatting tonight on faceplace (ain't technology somethin'?) and we realized that we were going to need a pretty grand scheme if we ever hoped to get all the GIngerSnaps together!  

I mean, on top of our riDICulously busy schedules, and the fact that we are flung from one coast to the other, there is also the fact that flights are expensive, no one has time to drive, Houston is out of everyone's way, and there's nothing to do in Detroit.

Then, we had a BRAZZILIANT idea!!

What if we plan a GIngerSnap rendevouz in the Windy City? Mr. and Mrs. A can make an easy drive from the motor city!  Points east can typically find cheap commuter trains to make the trip.  And the most far flung of us can find cheap flights to O'Hare and Midway almost any time of the year! Nutwood's just a hoot and a holler from there! We can live on pizza and beer, camp out in cheap hotels (from which you can all come visit Miss Ginger at the Palmer House!) and if we are really sweet, we might even be able to talk Dan or Proper into giving us a tour of the city and it's infamous "BOYSTOWN!"

Waddya think, GingerSnaps? Anyone interested?  When's the best time to to go?


David Dust said...

A train to Chicago?? I just checked the AMTRAK website, and the shortest trip takes 19 hours. OMG! Flying is definitely the way to go (at least from NYC).

I'd love to do this - and could probably finagle a free place to stay (with Dan) - but you know me, it's always a $$ issue. Let me know if you decide something and I'll see what my options are.

Beth said...

We're there. Mid-July through August sometime?

Kailyn said...

I have a discount coupon for Virgin America and was planning on going in September.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

DD: Bus? There HAS to be a cheap way to get from NYC to Chitown. Could you hitch a ride with some mobsters?

mrs. miss alaineus said...

yay yay and more yay! i don't think i'll be working on fridays so that gives us way more flexibility!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

August is pretty wide open.

Beth said...

I bet Shane and Matt could come up, too. :) Oh, we MUST do this!

Joy said...

I can do this! Flights from Nashville to Chicago are short and not expensive. Just let me know!


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