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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Miss Ginger's First Prom!

That's right, dear 'Snaps, Miss Ginger never went to prom in high school.  You will all be shocked to learn, I'm sure, that Miss G was "the class fag", the one who was picked on in the hallways, mocked in gym class, and otherwise ostracized by all but a select few friends in high school.  Miss Ginger couldn't WAIT until 3pm each day so she could escape those terrorist boors, so there certainly is no reason why she would want to get all dolled up on a Friday night and watch them drink themselves silly on hootch they stole from their parent's liquor cabinet. Just not Miss G's scene.

So how ironic is it that on the exact same night that Miss G's    
old gang meets for their 30 year high school reunion, Miss G gets to go to her first prom! And with one of her favorite people, no less, Ms. MB, of OCD landscaping fame!   

At one point Miss G actually contemplated going to the reunion, but her discovery that 2 of the people she would have actually enjoyed seeing wouldn't be there reduced the number of people she might want to see to 3, and one of them she sees all the time in NOLA.  That, coupled with an unfortunate facebook interaction she had with some unfortunate coonass girl who's name was probably Tammy, made her decide she'd rather spend her time volunteering.

So what a fortunate coincidence that the kids from HATCH were having their prom on the same night, and Queen Ginger was invited to represent the Krewe!  HATCH is a wonderful organization here in Houston, hosted by the Montrose Counseling Center, that allows young people to explore their sexual orientation and gender identity in a respectful, safe, and protected environment.  While other kids are at career fairs deciding what the want to be when they grow up, the HATCH kids are busy determining WHO they want to be when they grow up! It's a crucial decision for GLBTQ teens, and unfortunately, a decision some don't survive long enough to make.  

So the Queen, along with the Float Lieutenant, Vice President, and Secretary of the Krewe had a great time watching the kids have a great time!  It was certainly one of the most "colorful" things Miss G has ever seen, with girls, boys, gurls, boiz, queens, kings, and one young person designated as "Rainbow" on his or her shirt that Miss G could only label as "fabulous"!  There were kids from all walks of life, all colors of skin, and all different angles of the diversity rainbow when it comes to orientation and gender identity.  Once group of biological girls, who called themselves "The Gendermen", did a little lipsync performance dressed as bees, and they were just adorable!  2 different Lady Gagettes, one almost 7 feet tall with her shoes on, came together for an impromptu GaGa duet of "Bad Romance" that had the whole crowd on their feet!  Seeing kids with somewhere to go where they could be themselves, dress as they want, and act however they want to was pretty amazing.  Queen Ginger looks forward to doing more work with the HATCH kids, and looks forward to the next time she's asked to interview the students for the Youth Scholarship Fund.  It's great to be able to help kids find their way to becoming happy, stable, successful adults!


mrs. miss alaineus said...

awesome sauce!!! i see no point in going to a reunion either- i didn't have a good time nor was i friends with any of the people i graduated with. the way you donated your time and shared yourself is such a wonderful gift. i know nothing can ever take away the abuse you and other glbt kids endured in high school, and that you are bringing awareness to this as an adult survivor of high school bullying. i am so glad legacy has a group and a place for kids to be themselves, and one more reason i am also saving to buy a brick!


Coelha :B said...

I think Miss G made the right and only choice!! The reunion would have been a bore and a total waste of time and energy. I'm so sorry for what you had to endure in high school--it must have been horrible. You were an inspiration to those kids---and those kids i'm sure made your night. I'm proud of Ginger!

Beth said...

Grrr, Blogger ate my comment!

Quick synopsis: your prom sounds like a good time, and it was also a GOOD THING you all did!

I didn't get asked to the prom. I didn't even get asked to my 30th reunion, despite being friends with several people on Facebook. Not any longer, though. Life is too short to try to be friends with people who seem to have some sort of preconceived notion about who and what you are. What I find sad is that apparently many of them have never gotten beyond that high school mentality. XOXO

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

High school was not a fun place for me either. You made the right and awesome choice :o)

mrpeenee said...

I'm so glad you had a good time. I went to my prom and it was a low point of my young life. Some awful Marriott over by the Astrodome. The band played Doobie Brothers covers. Awful.

DId you have a limo? Did you get any in the back seat?

David Dust said...

Reason #3532 to avoid Facebook - I have no interest in interacting with 95% of the people from High School.

With that being said however, I DID go to prom - THREE TIMES!!

#1: Junior Prom. I rear-ended a car at a stop light on the way to dinner. My date (a family friend) and I hit our heads on the windshield - cracking it. We got another car and went anyway.

#2: Senior Prom. Went with one girl, left with another. Yes, even when I was "straight", I was a whore.

#3: My Freshman year of college I worked at McDonalds. Got asked by one of my coworkers (who was a high school senior) to go to her prom. No mishaps that I can remember.

So, my darling Sister, apparently I went to Prom for BOTH of us.

Have fun! And wear your seatbelt!!


Mr.Mischief said...

I was treated the same way from first grade until graduating high school-I hated every minute of it, and never looked back the second I graduated. I still have issues from it till this day. Glad you had a good time, loved the pictures!


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