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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Houston Philanthropy At It's Best!

What a day it was today in Houston for philanthropy and recognition of Human Rights!!

A midday "flashmob" in the Houston Galleria (right in front of one of Miss G's stores!) celebrated breast cancer awareness with a coreographed routine to Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Surive!"

Best part of all? It was sung LIVE by Ms. Gaynor her ownself, right there up in front of the Macy's! So sorry I missed it! Sponsored by Houston Philanthropists Sue and Lester Smith, it was one of Houston's best "worst kept" secrets, although Miss G didn't find out about it until after it had happened!

Then later tonight,  Miss G, along with the rest of Houston glitterari gays and lesbians, gathered at the Hilton Americas for the 14th annual Houston Human Rights Campaign gala.

The unspoken star of the night was Cuc Vu, who's "Miss Saigon" story of her escape from a war-torn Vietmnam was both riveting and inspiring.

The "spoken" star of the night was Kate Walsh, star of TV's "Grey's Anatomy" and its' spinoff, "Private Practice". She was sweet, cute, charming, and entertaining. And, we agreed, apparently a tad drunk. Not that we all weren't!

Miss Ginger's BIG excitement for the night, however, was her opportunity to meet Nikki Araguz, live and in person! There she was, tiny little petite woman that she is, looking 100%, bonafide, real woman. Not that there should be any doubt, nor should it matter, but believe me when I tell you, if Miss Ginger did not know this woman was transgendered, she would lose a bet, because there is no way anyone could tell she was born a man if she didn't tell them. Nikki was sweet, charming, cordial, and genuine! I can't WAIT for her reality show to air, so I can watch and recap it weekly! Miss Ginger is officially "starstruck!"

It's late! Hopefully, there will be more later, to include a photo op of Miss G with Nikki!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like a fabulous Saturday :o)

Joy said...

No way I'd have guessed she was transgendered! Sounds like a fab time!


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