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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Krewe-a-thon Continues!

This weekend is referred to as the "Krewe-a-thon", because it's such a big weekend for us. Last night we held out "Campaign Party", which Miss G hosted, where all of the people who are going to run for a board position bring food or snacks to "schmooze" the other Krewe members into voting for them. It's all in fun, but it's serious business!
Then today was the Annual Meeting with the election of the new board of directors. This is really important because in addition to the President, Vice-president, etc., we elect the Ball Captain. This is a moment of suspense for 2 reasons. First, the Ball Captain will decide upon the theme of the Ball, the location and date, the colors, and every thing else about the ball itself. Even more important, the Ball Captain has the honor of naming the royalty for the following year.
Miss G is pleased with the outcome of the elections, and is especially happy that SandsandAndy were elected as Ball Co-captains! She's even more pleased that she can finally reveal, now that they have been elected, that they have asked Miss G to be one of their 2 Ball Lieutenants!! Miss Ginger is so excited to serve as Lieutenant, especially since this is Ball 40 (we use roman numerals, so it's Ball XL!) Can you believe this was started back in the early 70's, when Miss G was just a little faglette? What a long what she has come!
Anyho, hos, you can expect lots of ball blogging over the next year. But, Miss G won't tell the theme, she won't reveal her costume, and she certainly won't leak the names of the royalty... no matter how drunk you get her. But you're welcome to try!
Now it's time for early bedtime. When the group decided to go to Tia's for mexican after the meeting, Miss G suspected it wasn't a good idea. But as she recanted all the little rhymes Daddy Ginger taught her ("beer on liquor, you'll get sicker", "beer on wine, you'll be fine", etc.) she couldn't recall as single one that started "tequila on vodka..." so she figured she'd be okay. So far, so go. I guess we'll know tomorrow! Stay tuned, my little 'snaps!


Joy said...

Congratulations, Lieutenant Miss G! To you they are Roman numerals, but to me that's Extra Large! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good day for all. MBC

Bob said...

So, now is it Lieutenant Miss G?
Miss G Lieutenant?

Beth said...

Very cool! And I hope you're feeling okay today. I seem to recall a combo several years ago of beer, screwdrivers, and peppermint schnapps.

I don't recommend it.

Hugs, Beth


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