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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Miss G is WORE OUT!!

That's wore- there's no "H"! And she's tired because she gardened all day long! The beds and planters are all a mess since the ex left, and with the sprinler broken, she hasn't seen any point in replanting. But now that the sprinkler is fixed she has no excuse! So she's pulled weeds, thrown out dead plants, killed others that she hates because they are too invasive, and hauled pots and dirts around until she can't haul no more! She's sore and tired, and still has a mess on her hands so she can't even post pics! Tomorrow will be clean up and replant day, and hopefully there will be something picworthy by the end of the day!
She did find a tiny little baby turtle in the yard, which, as she figured, was an excapee from the neighbor, who breeds turtles in his yard. He said I probably have a momma and more babies back there somewhere, because that turtle was a newborn, and way too tiny to have made it from his yard. So, tomorrow Miss G continues Mission Turtle Rescue!

PS: Did you know a group of baby turtles is called a "clutch" of turtles?! How gay is that?!


David Dust said...

Well CLUTCH the pearls! I had no idea that's what one called a group of turtles. That IS gay...

Hmmmm...? I kinda like the idea of a "Clutch of Dust Bunnies". Whattya think?!?

Have a cocktail and get some rest - you've earned it.


Beth said...

Sounds like a very productive day, and WOW doesn't it feel great to get out and play in the dirt?! Ken and I were discussing the garden today, and I'm getting excited to get it going this year.

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I see several sore muscle days in my future, all related to gardening of course :o)

Coelha :B said...

No, I did not know a group of turtles were called a clutch---you learn something new everyday! :)
My neighbor is a great gardener who keeps her garden perfectly. Her front yard looks like a Disneyland garden. Her name is Mary Stuart--I'm not kidding. She came over today and I'm sure she saw the weeds in our front yard. I bet it makes her shudder to see them... Julie

Bob said...

We have got some good weather in Smallville for the next couple of days, so we'll be gardening and planting and replanting as well.
It does make it feel so much more like spring whne you get down and dirty in the garden.

Jimbo said...

I'm jealous. I don't have any gardening space, just a couple planters out front which I take over and do before someone else in the building gets their hands on them and plants marigolds in them. It'll be a couple months before I can start my planting but I'm already planning.

Miss G, are you going to be a surrogate turtle mama?

Anonymous said...

MY family had a pet turtle for at least 20 years and my mother feed him or her vegatables my hand-his name was "mr turtle". At least you don't need a pet sitter for a turtle, but maybe you would if you had a big group or clutch. MBC

MadeInScotland said...

garden smoothly miss gg


Joy said...

I don't like to work in the yard. My mother still does and is 88! She plants, sets out, weeds, prunes, and used to mow on her riding mower but quit that a few years ago. Sometimes she comes over here and we put pansies, geraniums, and other flowers in pots on my patio. Her out of love; me out of guilt.

I think I need a gay housemate to be the Golden Girls with me.

Lisa said...

I love turtles and would say that your neighbor is correct....where there is one baby the chances of more is high.....can't wait to see pictures of the finished yard!


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