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Monday, March 30, 2009

I just ADORE a FREE-way view...

darling, I love you , but give me Park Avenue!

I loves me some Eva Gabor.... the classier of the 2 sisters!
Here I sit in my lovely freeway-view room at the luxurious Baton Rouge Marriott sipping my P.G. (Cavit) and telling you lovely people about my lovely day. The store is the same as it ever was.We shared that with our boss a dinner.
Many of you have sent your condolences and advice about my upcoming gastroinstenal endoscopy! Rest assured, dear readers: this is not Miss G's first. The FABULOUS Daddy G left our gurl with the genetics of a colon cancer statistic, so our gurl (who, for those who are interested, is a resgistered TOP!) had her first "anal exploration" at the age of 40, and is now on the 3 year plan. You do the math!
She is accutely aware of the pleasures of Holly "GoLytley!" Gotta love that pineapple flavor!


Anonymous said...

very cute video. MBC

Anonymous said...

gren acres video reminds me of one of our past king and queen numbers at a ball. MBC

miss alaineus said...

there are some good folks who own a hotel by my parents (in the middle of nowheresville, mass) who are from the same hungarian village as the gabor sisters!!!!!!

take care and hope your barium milkshake has a nice piquant flavor of chalk!


my cateten all of her food and she's too damn fat to get into the litter box!!!!

Beth said...

The Green Acres clip is too cute!

Sam said...

registered? Is that like a registered letter? You only get it when you sign on the line by the x? I'm with you in spirit, I sat in Pappadeaux over in Fort Worth and ate 5lbs. of crawdads. what I'd give for some cracklin right about now. Luck ho Enjoy yourself

Sheria said...

Miss Ginger, you are just the breath of fresh air that I needed today.


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