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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So What is Blogging all About?

Tonight over drinks after dinner at Acme Oyster Company in lovely Metairie, La., Miss Ginger's work buddies starting peeling off one by one as they began to do their nightly "accomplishments" before retiring. When Boy Ginger told the group he was going up to "blog" before he went to bed, they were all quite interested!
"What is blogging?", they asked. "Do you do it every night?" "Who reads it?" "Why do you spend your time doing that?"
When I explained that there is a whole blog "community" that keeps up with and "knows" each other, they felt insulted: "So these are people you know?! But we're not invited to read your blog?!" "How well do you know them?" "What do you tell them?!" "Do you talk about us?!"
So the answers were: yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.
Miss Ginger "knows" the people who read her very well! Nutwood Beth calls it like it is, and Ken is always there to support her! DD has all the latest celebrity gossip, and Mistress Maddie knows what's going on with every drag queen in the world. Northwest Dan covers gay politics, Sissy Mark covers gay lifestyle, and "Auntie Flame" Joy is the online Mom we all wish we had! Miss Alaineous is there to almenac an "alternative" spin on things, Tugboat gives us the trucker viewpoint, and Kaycee makes the whole world seem delicious! I've forgotten hundreds of you I'm sure, but my point was that we all share the important parts of our lives that we think are worth sharing!
So then the question was... "so you're not really yourself, you are some "character" you have created for these people?!"
Ouch, that cut close to the bone, because I think you all know that, in fact, Miss Ginger is quite the character, and does exist for you to enjoy and appreciate.
But she is VERY real, and she loves her blog friends and her tangible friends with the same fervor! And NOTHING happens on her blog that hasn't happened in real life!
The point is that Boy Ginger and Miss Ginger both surround themselves with people who matter, and more importantly, to whom they matter!
So, thanks to the boy's "work friends", Miss G feels compelled to say "thank you all for caring! And thank you for making me matter!"
I think Miss Sheria summed it up for me when she commented "Miss Ginger, you are the breath of fresh air I needed today!'
Thanks, Sheria!! It feels good to be needed!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy that true cajun food!!!! MBC

Wonder Man said...

It's fun to blog

miss alaineus said...

the world is a better place with a ginger like you in it!!!!


the ump did a horrible job as he rethed the game.

kayce. said...

i love your blog, so THANK YOU for taking the time to share your life w/ us... i find that a lot of non-internet-based friends don't understand the community that comes w/ sites like blogger and youtube ~ unintentional social networks, that is ~ until they do it for themselves. it's hard to explain, but i love my blog buddies, too! ^_^

Bob said...

I get asked those same questions.
Who reads?
What do you say?
When do you do it?
Where is it?
Why do they read?
and last but not least
How can I read it?

Love the Miss G blog, and all the others I've found, out here, in the dark

David Dust said...

It's SO difficult trying to explain blogging to my non-blogger friends. Especially since I love it so much, and could go on and on and on about blogging.

Actually, I think that's part of their "problem" with blogging - I won't STFU about it!!

The world is a much better place because of Miss G and her Fabulous Blog. Don't ever forget it!!


Beth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beth said...

[above comment deleted due to typo]

What a great entry, and you are so sweet!

I agree with the many don't understand the appeal of blogging to me. I think a lot of my family members do sort of get it, because they remember the looooong letters I used to send them when I lived away. They know how much I love to write.

And the people that you meet on's wonderful. Knowing that somehow you made a connection with someone, that they like what you have to say. I think it helps us understand that it's a big world out there...but were all on the same "ship," and we have much more in common than we would ever imagine.

Love, Beth

Berry Blog said...

I love this post. I have so many friends I have tried to explain this phenomenon to. They don't get it of course, but I find many of them following my blog rather faithfully- though they never comment on the blog or check the follower box. This is especially true of former colleagues.
It is true that we sort of get to know each other in informal roles and I love how you explain that as not role playing or fake personnas.
I'm glad you tackled this.

Yasmin said...

I've had the same questions asked, never did I think that over 2 years ago when i first started my journal on AOL that I would still be here reading and enjoying my blog friends are important to me and I love that you all allow me to take a glimpse into your lives.


Mark in DE said...

Very interesting, Miss G. I have struggled a bit when tangible friends learn that I blog and want to know what about. But in your case, Boy G and Miss G aren't exactly the same person, so I imagine the struggle is even harder.

Keep up the great work, Girl!

Sam said...

Ms. Ginger you always seem to know how to say things just right. You are one classy Ho.

mistress maddie said...

Miss G, I swear I'm going to tell all my non-blogging ho's to read this. They just don't understand exactly what a blog is and for! I always tell them it's like when I talk to and tell my stories, rants, and problems to my favorite bartender Smitty's. And he comments back!!! Same thing here, except there are way more Smitty's offering comments, and I'm not drinking when I'm blogging. Well- at least- not all the time. And I always look forward to your post and when you comment on mine also! You make me laugh so!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I wonder how your co-workers will react to Miss Ginger? I enjoy reading about your endeavors, you have so much energy and so much to give :o)

Coelha :B said...

Blogging is for lovers.. :) LOL.. Keep on blogging! Julie

#9 said...

what a great way to sum up the whole blog thing! Thanks to my bro, Sam who has turned me on to your blog! So informative and entertaining for somenone that likes to get away from her everyday life of kids, school, and spouse. I hardly ever comment unles its Sams blog but I so much enjoy your blog! Thank you!!

Joy said...

I also have these conversations with people, and now some of my friends are familiar with many of you, too. In fact, a few of us have spent time on the phone with each other discussing and envying your closet and pantry!!

I told my son that I have a whole nest of gay readers, and he said I'm just like Bette Midler! I love my boy, and he is happy that his new relatives keep his mom entertained, informed, and appreciated. He's 39 with a wife and son (almost 6), so I could definitely be your mother. (and I look like her!)

Thank you so much for that wonderful compliment! :-) I appreciate it so much.



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