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Friday, April 10, 2009

What's So Good About Good Friday?

Well, in addition to being able to post this picture of this cute little church boy playing Jesus in the passion play, it's Boy Ginger's last day of work before a week of "staycation"! Miss Ginger has a honeydo list a mile long for him, and she has a list of her own to get accomplished! By the end of next week, Chez Ginger will shine like the top of the Chrysler Building, soon to be known as the Hyundai Building at the rate we're going! ( I stole that joke from Sands and have to give credit since he may be a reader!) There's errands to do, gardens to clean, closets to sort, and naps to be taken! MBC is coming on Thursday with a load of mulch, which is my FAVORITE gardening activity of the year. Having fresh mulch is like getting new carpet for the yard! It looks so clean and uniform! I can't wait to post B&F photos of the "transformation"!
TTFN- gotta get to the office and hope my boss take the afternoon off so I can too!


Bob said...

" Having fresh mulch is like getting new carpet for the yard!"

I say this to Carlos all the time!
Great minds DO think alike!

Have a great staycation, Miss G.

Dan said...

Hey - I thought you were coming to chicago and helping me with my yard! :)

Happy staycation to you! And I love a cute boy tied up like that.

miss alaineus said...

i am on 'staycation' too! can't wait to see the garden pics!


may a 'flood' of mulch come your way!

Beth said...

I know you'll enjoy your week to the fullest. I'll look forward to pictures!

Hugs, Beth

kayce. said...

i am glad you have budgeted time for NAPS ~ the most important part of time off, LOL. i know there will be many posts/pics to come of chores, so i can't wait.

have lots of fun! oh, and i heard from a little birdie that while on staycation, happy hour is at noon. just sayin. :D

Sam said...

Hey Ho, I'm at home now, and I'm here to report that aint nothing like a little time off. Hope enjoy yours as much as I'm enjoying mine. Mimosa's for everyone

Joy said...

Can't wait to see the B&F pictures and show them to my friends!! Have a great time!


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