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Saturday, April 18, 2009

She's "In"!

Miss Ginger is "In"! She will be attending the "Duststorm on New York" the weekend after Memorial Day! She didn't realize New York was prone to Dust Storms, but after this weekend, she thinks they will be able to expect them at least annually!

Boy G will definitley be there. Miss Ginger may need a little arm twisting. She doesn't really relish travel, and strange places tend to make her nervous. But if we can convince her that all will be well and accepting, we may be able to get her to hang out around the hotel, and maybe even go out with us one night. It will take some convincing!

Everybody gang up on Str8upwithatwist and convince him he needs to attend as well!
I'm still waiting on DD to give me the scoop on where to stay, but once we've booked a hotel we'll let you know!


Beth said...

Oh, you all are gonna have so much fun!! I can't wait to hear the tales and see the pictures!

Sam said...

Great, now I'm really in the dumps. Everybody's going to be there but me. Damn, where's that whataburger when I need it.

David Dust said...


Miss G and The Mistress need to coordinate a joint appearance!!! You both would be such a hit at the Friday night cocktail party at the ladies hotel suite.

If you haven't already, send me your itinerary. Now I have to get working on St8tUpWithATwist...

This is going to be TOO MUCH fun, and if all goes well, it will become an annual event.


Mark in DE said...

Yippy! Looking forward to meeting you!


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