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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss Ginger Makes the Best of It!

So far Miss Ginger's trip has not been great! Really, the only problem is that her computer is TOTALLY on the fritz- it's a totally worthless hunk of plastic right now! It's her work computer, and she's kicking herself for not bringing her personal laptop, but who knew the WWII relic laptop her company issued her would bog down when they tried to download the "mandatory security patch"- 10 minutes before her powepoint! GRRRRRRRR! $%^&^@!! She had to wing it, which went okay, but I know they were bored. Oh, well. It's over now!
Thank goodness the Baton Rouge Marriott has a business center, so Miss G can share this irrritation with her fans!

At least the Marriott is right next to the Fox and Hound Pub, where Miss G loves to eat greasy food and drink Blue Moons in big mugs! There's also a Sullivan's right next to it, but Miss G did not pack an updo or an appropriate frock, so she gorged on wings and beer at the Fox and Hound. She likes the Fox and Hound because she doesn't feel stupid eating alone there, and they hardly even seem to notice that she is a drag queen!
She had hoped to do some SIRveiance ala Supreme Dwight, but, alas, no sirs were veilance worthy at this particular sportsbar tonight. Damn. Maybe next time!
Tomorrow, she's on the road to Lafayette for a spell, then she'll backtrack and end up in NOLA, the motherland!!!! And Friday, Bubba John comes in to join the party, and Saturday they are going to JazzFest! Surely there will some veilance worthy sirs there!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love the Fox and Hound, never been to a Sullivans. Hope things turn around on your trip :o)

Beth said...

I love Blue Moon, too!

JazzFest--woohoo! Keep your eyes peeled for Dwayne Dopsie. I think he still plays the JazzFest, although he no longer plays the Quarter. Me likee the way he works that accordion....

;) XO Beth

Joy said...

Sir veilance is a great term, and I'm going to start using it. Sometimes I see some sirs who are veilance worthy.

Bob said...

Blue Moon and Sirveillance!
My kinda night!

Mark in DE said...

Miss Ginger leads a glamorous, get-set life!!!

Lisa said...

Sir veilance - I just love it! Enjoy the Blue Moon! I am hooked on their Honey Moon.....can't wait for your return home...May 2nd seems so far away!

Sam said...

Fox and Hound, have one of those egg roll thingys for me. Cue Stixs?
Roll on Ginger!!


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