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Friday, April 17, 2009

When a drag queen reaches a certain age...

and she is still unmarried, does she become a drag cougar? And, it so, what is that age? Just wondering.... I have a friend....


edder said...

ooooh, "drag cougar". Up until now I thought that was an oxymoron but if it works for you....

Personally, I can't stand the term "cougar". Not sure why, especially given my 30-yr crush on Peter Coyote. May have to think and blog on it :)

mistress maddie said...

Miss G, your always going to be fabulous! Your already breaking ground see, the first drag cougar! I was wondering the same thing myself. I do like them young. And you my dear coin the phase. Maybe we should form a drag cougar soceity!

Mistress Maddie

Dannelle said...

Miss G- you are the Queen of the Jungle, so to speak- cougar isn't grand enough for you- grrr..

Joy said...

I used to be a cougar. It's wonderful! Yes, you're on to something and need to capitalize on being a drag cougar! Excellent!!

Aurora said...

hmm, Drag Cougar. Well, I've been called worse things.
As The Devil Girl Extraordinaire it would seem appropriate so maybe it's something I should embrace.
I'm with Mistress Maddie on the Miss G's Drag Cougar Society. Go Ginger!

Boy About Town LB said...

You are far to young to worry about this sordid mess! Have some fabulous fun & then worry about finding a young play thing!


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