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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Right Around the Corner!

This is the list of banner heads from this morning... Hamilton Middle School is 2 blocks away from Chez Ginger- when she's working in the yard she can hear the school bells and announcements from there....
Swine flu comes to school
Episcopal High closed with sick student; HISD shuts down 2 schools in Heights —The girl who attends Episcopal is recovering from the disease, according to health officials. HISD has two probable cases that are not confirmed.
Read Episcopal High's letter to parents about closure
Harvard Elem., Hamilton Middle closed in HISD over flu
Tracking flu in infants; timeline on Houston death
Coming at noon today: Live chat on swine flu with SciGuy
Obama: There's no need to close border with Mexico


frogponder said...

I work in a school with a high Hispanic population and kids and families regularly go back to Mexico to visit relatives.
And I work with lots of 80 year old ladies who volunteer their time, they are so frail they come with walkers. I'm wondering, and hoping, that the district is thinking ahead and cancel the rest of our program for the year.

Beth said...

I've head reports of several schools being closed down for the next week or so. I've just started carrying around a little bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse, even before this happened. I must be psychic. XO Beth

Mark in DE said...

There are reported cases in my small state, too.

Joy said...

I'm thinking about you! Do not get this!


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