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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Les Jardins de Ginger!

Miss Ginger has been gardening her little tail off, and she finally has pictures for you to see!
You know she's a "before and after" kinda girl (guess it's that whole "transformation" thing?!) so here's the side entrance to the house "before".
Here in south Texas the winters are so humid that almost any outdoor flat surface will become covered with dark mold, so after Boy Ginger went crazy with the power washer, Miss Ginger came behind and planted birds of paradise to brighten things up!

The drunk driver made a mess of the azaleas, but Miss G got a few good flushes of blooms anyway! That bright pink color is almost flourescent it's so bright!

Miss Ginger found these great planters at Sam's Club, so she made this cool fountain out of them. Next week when he's on vacation Boy G will have to run a buried conduit out to it so she won't have to use an extension cord.

When Texas's favorite department store became America's Favorite Department Store, there was all new Christmas trim bought for every store, and somehow Miss G ended up with these giant wire kissing ball frames in her yard. They've been on the side of the house under a pile of magnolia leaves for God knows how long, so Miss G pulled them out and planted them as hanging baskets. There's ivy planted in them that she intends to train aound the curlycues.

By this point there's barely a bare spot left, but Miss G wanted to plant tomatoes (or tamaduhs as they call them in Texas!) There was no where to go but up, and Miss G had seen this clever way to grow tomatoes upside down in a catalog, so she decided to give it a try. One of the toughest parts of vegetable gardening in Texas is fighting back the weeds and bugs, and with them up above ground like this she's hoping to avoid both problems!

Nog seems quite happy that his room is all clean! He even got his furniture power washed!
And Miss G is tuckered out and ready to crawl up on the porch with Nog and take a nap!


David Dust said...

Martha Stewart ain't got NOTHING on you, Miss G!

Everything looks so wonderful.


miss alaineus said...

it looks oasis of taste and class!


i used to be a blegr at aol but now i a bloggah blegr!

Joy said...

It's beautiful and what a lot of work went into that oasis!

Anonymous said...

very nice G. MBC

Beth said...

It looks great, and I'm envious of your warm weather! We have an inch of snow on the deck. A freakin' inch.

Of freakin' SNOW.

Looks like Nog approves of your sprucing up of his pad. Gotta keep the kitties happy! :)

Hugs, Beth

Bob said...

Wow, those are beautiful.
Ya makes me jealous!
And ya makes me wanna get off my behind and get to work myself!

Side note: that is one gawgeous cat!!

Dan said...

You need to fly to chicago and help Luis and I plant our flowers!

Char said...

Wow, looks great! You HAVE been workin your ass off! You go, Ms G.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I love Bird of Paradise plants and those planters are so nice with the brick! I'll be watching to see how your tomatoes turn out. Even though I have a nice garden, I'd like to plant a cutting bed and growing my tomatoes that way would free up my largest bed. Plus, it seems that they'd be easier to pick.

Lisa said...

Breathtaking Miss G!


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