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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Miss Ginger Forgot the Most Important Parts!

Yesterday had so many fabulous bounties that Miss G forgot a couple!
While she waited at the airport for her flight, she got a call from Boy Ginger's boss letting him know that he WILL officially be "going forward" with America's Favorite Department Store! He wasn't too worried, but you know how a loose end hanging can make you uneasy, especially when it's hanging longer than expected! So that's official, and the job actually should become a bit easier and more focused on the parts he enjoys the most!
And then, when Miss G went through the mail, she found her income tax return had come back from the accountant, and she's getting a world record refund, for her at least! Woohoo!
And now she wakes up and it's beautiful day for gardening!


miss alaineus said...


mixed umbrella drinks for everyone! i am still in shock from having to PAY. and yes, soon i will be moving forward too....

deadsuct.... when you try to squeeze every single smidgen of toothpaste out of the tube before you go purchase another one.


Beth said...

Good news all the way around!

mistress maddie said...

Have a lovely potter in the garden tootes. Make sure to wear your gardening hat so you don't burn!


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