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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Okay, It's Done!

Miss Ginger is booked at the Sofitel and is ready to paint Manhattan pink! Now, working out choreography with the Mistress long-distance may be an issue, but we will get it done. Girls: make sure the Sofitel has AV equipment in your suite! We will need a CD player and a microphone!
Miss Ginger hopes this all goes better then the last time she threw caution to the wind and met people from afar over the internet. Although, it was really from afar. And the intentions were far riskier!
Yasee, Miss G and the ex decided that they wanted a houseboi. (In retrospect, thank GOD that didn't work out!) Of course, Miss Ginger wasn't going to settle for just any houseboi. So she and the ex searched the world over and found one in, of all places, Stockholm, Sweden. So, off to Scandanavia they went, dreaming of meeting the boi they would love and cherish and put through college. (Okay, there has to be SOMETHING in it for him!)
Anyho, it didn't take Miss G long to figure out: "Something's fishy in Denmark!" (Work with me here- Scandanvia is Scandanavia!) The boi wouldn't go to gay bars with us. (Yathink he was worried about being "recognized?") He freaked out when we observed the attrative attributes of passers-by. And it was CLEAR that there was no chemistry between he and the ex! Crystal clear! So, we left the little norsk hustler behind, and came home to finish out our deteriorating relationship. All ended amenable, but to this day Miss G thanks her lucky stars she doesn't have a cranky Swedish college dropout living in her guest room!

EEEEEEEEEEN CH LADA: she is certain the NYC trip willl be much more pleasant, since there is so much less at risk! And so much more to gain! Can't wait!!! Miss G is already trying to decide what to wear on the plane!


David Dust said...

Darling, I think only about 40% of the Dust Bunnies attending are hustlers, so you should be fine :)

We need to work on Maddie ... she can't do anything without a makeup trailer and a staff of 7!!


Dan said...

im jealous. :(

Beth said...

Yeah, and after he dropped out of college, he would have moved back in with you. ACK!

miss alaineus said...

lol he would of been like v2.0, stoned out of his gourd on hash he smuggled back in a shampoo bottle and hitting on ugly ass girls on myspace behind your back while playing diablo and worlds of warcraft.

a droinc loser for sure!


Joy said...

It sounds like fun! Not like your other trip, which does make a great story. I considered going but think I'll visit some of you in smaller groups. I do want to hear all about it and see many photos.

Mark in DE said...

So I guess this means you're meeting us in NYC?!?! How fabulous will this trip be, I ask you? Lookin' forward to it.

Lisa said...

Sounds like oh so much fun! DO have a wonderful time and I can't wait to hear all about it!


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